Hands Making Heart Shape before a Sunset

I wrote the following poem several years ago. When I found it the other day, I pondered its message. Even years later, these words remind me of life’s quiet cycle of suffering and restoration: life gets interrupted with pain or loss, God seems so distant, and then He restores and refreshes and seems so near. As the dust and ashes settle after times like these, I am in awe of how God has refined and freed my soul. I hope you are encouraged by this poem . . . wherever you happen to be in life’s cycle.

Seeing from the Eyes of My Heart

From tragedy to triumph
A faulty path indeed,
Oh Lord of grace abound

Though my eyes behold you not
Your voice I cannot hear
Though absent from the human eye
My choice, to believe or fear

Bring peace where pity stayed
New joy now birthed from loss
Abiding comfort, Savior God
Abounding grace the old, rugged cross

Each day my Shepherd carries
It’s me, His broken lamb
Ever patient, tender mercy
He is the great “I Am”

Depending not on human sense
Seize truth to fill the mind
My sure foundation, solid rock
My will resigned, my soul refined

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2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Colleen – it is me again…Margie. We are POST DBS surgery. My husband’s surgeries were a success and he is doing amazingly well. We are so happy. We have seen God’s movement through this difficult storm. I feel like I have my husband back. He is still on a very low voltage so only improvement from here. As they increase his voltage to his electrode, they can reduce his meds. I have had to step back this week and say I have seen God’s movement. I am reading the Bible through this year and what I am finding is how much I didn’t know about our Heavenly Father. He is just and capable and keeps His Word and is fair. We serve the one and only God who is capable of moving and shaking our lives. We serve the God of David who performed miracles for him. I see God’s movement. I see His hand. One day, we will see our great ancestors and rejoice together with them that we saw God’s hand in our lives as they did.

  2. Oh Margie, I am so sorry my response has taken this long; you have been on my mind since the day your wrote. I am absolutely delighted to read of your husbands positive direction. Even more, those blazing fires you have endured (and possible are continuing to encounter) have produced in you a deeper faith and a greater hope in what God promises us through His word. As I write, I am smiling ear to ear for you. Please keep me informed! Always in humble grace, Colleen