What Color Is Fall?

I am watching the leaves change in our neighborhood; autumn is abounding, the air is crisp, and the colors of fall have arrived.

Fall is nostalgic for me; November includes celebrations of the birth of my first child, Ashley, and my dad’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I recall holding Ashley in my arms for our first Thanksgiving feast together like it was yesterday. Thanksgivings in our family have usually involved multiple rounds of food, followed by watching the Cowboys on television. And as the game whistle grew quieter, one by one we drifted into an afternoon of rest. Memories such as these are rich and warm and comforting, which is what I think we want life to be . . . rich and warm and comforting.

Yet life is not always rich and warm and comforting, is it? As heartwarming as Ashley’s first autumn was, other autumns have felt more like endless Alaskan winters . . . cold, dark, and raw.

My youngest child’s disabilities were diagnosed in late fall, five years after Ashley’s birth, and I wondered if there would ever again be another rich, warm, and comforting autumn. As years pass, the fall season continues to be colored with vibrant, variegated hues.


Ecclesiastes 3:1–9, 11 are Solomon’s vivid words of wisdom as he places time in its proper perspective.

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time to harvest.
A time to kill and a time to heal.
A time to tear down and a time to build up.
A time to cry and a time to laugh.
A time to grieve and a time to dance.
A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.
A time to embrace and a time to turn away.
A time to search and a time to quit searching.
A time to keep and a time to throw away.
A time to tear and a time to mend.
A time to be quiet and a time to speak.
A time to love and a time to hate.
A time for war and a time for peace . . .
Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.

You may not be able to see God’s hand in your life today. Your autumn may feel like the dead of an arctic winter; maybe all you have asked of the Lord is for some warmth and comfort, yet all remains silent.

Friend, He hears.

Remember, Jesus endured darkness and death; He understands. See, our hope isn’t in the ever-changing seasons; our hope is in the unchangeable One, who controls the seasons and years and changes that come about when we entrust all time to the Creator of time.

There is a time, there is a season; God promises beauty is on its way.

Let Me Hear from You

So I ask: have you trusted Christ with this time of your life? Do you believe He is going to provide a harvest for you, that He will indeed heal and that laughter will return? If fall were a color, what color would this one be and why? Let’s talk about this in our comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “What Color Is Fall?

  1. I see vibrant colours of life and hope. This year has brought me several unkind challenges, but since Jesus healed me from cancer I see things very differently. I see these challenges as situations brought on by the world and I don’t like them and some of them really hurt, but Jesus is not moved. His love for me has never changed; His promise to always be with me has stayed strong; and He’s walked through the dark hours with me and brought me through them. For this, I am truly grateful because His Word is true, “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” … John 16:33

  2. I can still very well remember the frightening feeling of me living the rests of my life with my husband (who bec. of his past life) was scared with a flawed character that i will live forever with.I was then behind the wheels with my eyes teary asking God give me something to do beyond me to stand forever my situation each,day,weeks and years,bec. if not i think i am going to die.Then God reminded me of His Son in His agony in Gethsemane,who bec. of His gruesome death on the cross perspire with blood,while He utters Father let this cup pass over me not as i will but as you will.I took time to ask God to give the same strength Jesus have,for i need to let my cup pass over me not as i will but as He will,but i do not have the strength.Then as the Holy Spirit led me in a prayer to ask God that He let my cup pass over me as He will.I was able to face my situation like the Lord dying to self daily and carrying my cross.My situation didn’t change a bit in fact i am still haunted with the frighthening thought of “i wish this did not happen tome”but as God indwells in me and provide me with the strenght of Christ in Getsemane I am fine in my inner being once more,that if i will not tire doing good there is a reward for me.My daily food is to love my husband for my bread is to do the will of Him who saved me and carry the cross of carrying someone who is struggling..

    • Jean,
      You words are humbling, moving, and so pregnant with God’s provision. It is only God that can provide the strength for each moment; specifically when we are terrified. I have thought often of Jesus’ request to His own father…Please, please let this pass over…but it was the Father’s will. You have touched on one of the most significant truths contained in scripture…that God’s will shall be done and it is His good and perfect will…even if we never understand the process or the pain. Jean, may our Lord fill you-as He promises to do-with an overabundance of HIS strength, peace, endurance, and wisdom. It is an honor to connect with you here. Thank you so much for your contribution to the blog and to my life. In His severe mercies, Colleen