How God’s Unexpected Plans for You Work for Good

An Interview with Meaghan Wall

We all have certain fears or phobias—powerful and penetrating worries that can paralyze our thoughts and actions. Fear relates to feelings of anxiety, dread, worry, and being out of control and is often highlighted when circumstances change or our life takes unanticipated twists and turns. Yet Scripture repeatedly reminds us that faith is trusting Christ with the unknown—trusting Him when our plans change and God chooses a very different path for us.

Meaghan Wall had a wonderful life plan as a pre-med student until God led her in a very different direction. God’s plan was not what she could have ever imagined, yet every circumstance, every opportunity, every experience taught her several core lessons that brought her to where she is today.

In this interview, Meaghan honestly speaks to all who have chosen to trust Christ, to walk by faith and not sight. She reminds us that when we choose to let go of our human-made plans, God’s work and will for our lives leads to His working through us in ways we could have never imagined.

Watch the interview:

Interview Questions

  1. How did you first get involved with special needs ministry?
  2. After serving with Easter Seals, did your direction change?
  3. After your work at the residential home, how did you end up at Stonebriar Community Church?
  4. The statistics on caregiving stress, health, faith, and finances are astounding. What are the needs of caregivers?
  5. What direction and advice do you have for parents and caregivers of any age about working in harmony with the church and with others?
  6. There is a lot of animosity between parents and caregivers and those in the church. What advice can you offer people in the church to better connect and work together with those in need?
  7. Can a church of any size help those with special needs?
  8. Biters, kickers, runners, and strippers . . . how do you handle symptomatic and safety issues, and are there places to go for learning how to deal with these issues?
  9. What resources have helped prepare you for special needs ministry?

Let Me Hear from You

Are you a caregiver who struggles to connect with others in your church? What could your church do to improve its care for caregivers? What is your church doing well to care for caregivers?

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Connect with Meaghan Wall

Meaghan WallMeaghan serves as pastoral leader of Special Needs at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. Meaghan has a degree in Social Work, has served in residential communities and hospice facilities, and is a well-sought-after speaker and teacher for disability ministry.

  • Meaghan seeks to provide a ministry of inclusion founded upon an intentional, systematic theological understanding of God’s love for all people.
  • Meaghan leads more than 200 volunteers, who are highly trained to meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs of those with disabilities.

Stonebriar Community Church

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8 thoughts on “How God’s Unexpected Plans for You Work for Good

  1. thank you again for a wonderful video with a lot of much needed information. i love what you said near then end that you just have to be ready to meet them where they are at.

    • Donna,
      Thank you so much….and for taking the time to listen. Meaghan is an incredible woman, full of wisdom and care. She so loves the kiddos. And yes, isn’t it vital that we learn to meet people right where they are; not where we are comfortable with them being or where we think they should be or whatever…just where they are. I love the story of Jesus calling Zacchaeus out of the tree for lunch. Trees, lakesides, wherever…it never mattered to Jesus and I’m thrilled it doesn’t matter for us either. Thank you again for your very kind note. Have a wonderful weekend. Let’s connect soon! Colleen

  2. This is an amazing resource! This is the first I have seen anything like it. I have a child with cerebral palsy and many other struggles. When he was born I was very young and scared. My husband at the time, his father was a truck driver and would not be able to help me care for him. After my son had spent a month in the NICU it was time for him to come home. I really didn’t know if I could take care of him, and his father said that he thought we should leave him in the hospital. I went home and got my Bible and got on my knees. I prayed God if you love me like they say you do, then you will give me an answer right now that is clear. I need to know if I can take care of this baby or if I should even bring him home. I then closed my eyes and randomly opened the Bible and pointed to a page. I had landed on Hebrews chapter 11. I wasn’t all that familiar with the Bible, so I wasn’t sure what I was about to read. The chapter is all about examples of people who kept their faith even when presented with obstacles that looked impossible. That was my answer! I had no idea how to take care of this child or what was going to happen, but if I kept faith in God it was going to be ok. I took him home and dealt with the seizures, the tube feedings and appointments. This was a lot though for his father. When he was 7 I was in a car accident in which I broke bones and recieved a head injury. I was served with divorce papers while in rehabilitation. My ex husband sold our house and I lost my job. When I got out of the hospital my children and I were essentially homeless. I figured God had forgotten about us. I didn’t want to believe in God any more. I went back to school to become an occupational therapist. It was not easy, but I recieved a bachelor’s and am currently working towards my master’s degree. I have recently been able to look back over the last few years and see the many ways God has led me down this path and never truly left me. With my education and experience with having a special needs child I would like to connect with others and make a difference. This site is an inspiring resource for doing just that! Thank you.

    • Nicole,
      Your story is what the stories of scripture are all about … the unknown and unexpected, pain and persistent trials, shocking circumstances and surprising outcomes. I can’t begin to imagine what you endured as a young mom and all the difficulties your son had/has. I can’t imagine how alone you must have felt … and perhaps still feel at times. We all have those days where we wonder if God is hearing our prayers and if any other person understands the sorrows we carry. How great of our Lord to direct you to Hebrews 11…one of my favorite passages in scripture. Somewhere along the way, most in our society have this idea that by following Christ, we will avoid suffering or that it will end. Yet, as we read of so many who were full of faith, their lives received the promises ad glorious praise of our Father when they met Him in heaven. On earth, we are promised suffering, challenges, and things we can’t handle without Jesus; we are also promised He is working every moment out according to His greater will, for our good and from His unconditional love. Many things don’t feel loving at the time; but how good and faithful of our Lord to provide and prevail as He walks with us THROUGH the seasons that are impossible without His everlasting presence. Oh Nicole, my heart is so deeply touched by your experiences and by your deepened, empowered strength. Moreover, who would have known that occupational therapy would be one of the greatest occupations today … just another sign that He led you THROUGH the wilderness. I would love to hear more about your kids, your story and how the Lord provided during the darkness, and how your son is doing today. I feel like we could sit and have coffee for hours. Thank you so very much for taking time to connect and I look forward to many more conversations. May He continue to guide you and shower you with His peace. Colleen

  3. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 NKJV

    • David,
      You don’t know this but that passage is one of my very favorites on earth. Thank you so very much for sending it. I would love to know how the Lord has brought you comfort in life and how you came to find our page. It’s great to “e-meet” you; I hope we can stay in touch! Colleen

    • Vivian,
      He is our Good Lord isn’t He?! Glad you are coming back to visit….it’s great to hear from you. How are you doing? Meaghan did a knock-out job didn’t she! Yes, she is one amazing lady-thrilled you enjoyed the interview. Have a great Monday! Colleen