8 Ways I Am Blessed

Courage is not natural to one’s character. But it can appear when a person is forced to face fears and depend on Christ. My suffering with a disability has cultivated within me courageous character.

8 Ways I Am Blessed
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As I’ve thought about it, I’ve discovered 8 ways I am blessed. Do any apply to you too?

  1. My struggle with being misunderstood because of my disability has cultivated within me grace and mercy. I am blessed.
  2. Being hearing impaired has caused me many sorrows. Yet, I am able to hear God’s voice without distraction. I am blessed.
  3. Those who are visually impaired cannot see God’s creation—the beauty of nature, the joy of a smile, the sadness of a tear, the fascination of colors, nor the uniqueness of another person. However, my perspective, my imagination, and my need to touch reach to the core of my soul. I am blessed.
  4. People who suffer with pain or disabilities depend on others. Over time, this has revealed my pride, transforming and humbling my character. I am blessed.
  5. I know my disability might cause others to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and even fearful. Yet, because of this distance, I am vastly aware of God’s presence. I am blessed.
  6. The parking sign for the disabled that hangs in every lot bothers many non-disabled people, but they may miss the wonderful truth that Christ welcomes us all to the throne of grace, which is never far away. I am blessed.
  7. Most people who suffer or are disabled need help each day to do what most people do without thinking. In this dependent state, I am deeply connected to all God’s promises for those who depend on Him. I am blessed.
  8. Few disabilities are curable, yet because of my struggle, I am acquainted with humanity’s broken condition and not bound by shame or fear. As a result, my soul is filled with authentic freedom and God’s unconditional acceptance. I am blessed.

The challenges I face in this life have allowed me to recognize how profoundly I am blessed by Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord.

Yes, I am most blessed. How about you?

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3 thoughts on “8 Ways I Am Blessed

  1. So much of what you wrote resonates with me. Yes, I am blessed!

    In knowing that the battles I face are not mine to face alone. I am blessed.

    I am feeble in the knees, my gait is unsteady, but every time I grab hold of my canes or another object to steady myself and take a step, I am reminded that God has a hold of me. I am blessed.

    As I go through each day using more energy than most people to accomplish everyday tasks, I am reminded that my strength comes form God who has promised to be my strength in weakness. I am blessed

    Facing physical pain on a regular basis leads to periods where I have no choice but to be still and rest; giving me the opportunity to sense the nearness of God In my discomfort. It also allows me to think of and pray for other who are suffering or in need. I am blessed

    My disability has often cause others to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and even fearful leading them to distance themselves from me. As I feel the sting of rejection, I am often reminded that I am seen, known and loved by a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

    My struggle with being misunderstood because of my disability has cultivated within me grace and mercy and compassion for the lost and the least of these. I am blessed.

    The challenges I face in this life have allowed me to recognize how profoundly I am blessed by Jesus Christ. I am nothing without Him. I am blessed beyond measure.

  2. Colleen, I am experiencing resting in God and finding comfort in him more so lately than in the past thanks to the prayers of those who have been praying for me. I am going back to many different scriptures that I have known in the past but didn’t know how to really apply them.The hopelessness is beginning to change to expectation and confidence through Jesus. Yes, it is very difficult for me to manage all of the needs of my son–but I can say that we are definitely blessed. I am asking God to show us how we can be an encouragement to others and for the strength to follow through on that. I have realized that the ‘smallest’ of abilities can be used greatly by God.

    • Madeline,
      It is so good to connect with you once again. There are few delights more pure and enjoyable than the peace that comes from our God. It is undeniable when a ‘peace that passes all understanding’ invades our hearts and souls…a miraculous rest and joy returns. Yes, it seems like forever at times for it to come, but when it does, there are no words to describe how rested our soul’s do feel. I am delighted to know this is where you found yourself when you wrote. The ‘beginning to change’ part is especially exciting as it seems God is on the move in your life. What a great adventure it is to follow and walk with Him. Yes, there are those places we must endure…like with your son and his needs or my son and his needs…the hardships that break our hearts into a million pieces…but then the purification that comes as we trust our Lord to get us through the sorrow…it’s hard to put into words how God uses every single event and experience to change us and form us into His image. I am excited to learn where this road leads…do keep me informed when you have time. For nothing else, just to know you have put your experiences here which will provide hope to another person is absolutely delightful! Who knows how far reaching your message will be! Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to hearing what God continues to do in your life. Colleen