Being a True Friend

He was the kind of friend we all wish for. His name was Jonathan, the son of King Saul and heir apparent. However, Jonathan was a loyal friend to David, the Bethlehem shepherd boy whom God had chosen to succeed Saul as king. Saul was fiercely focused on killing David; Jonathan was fiercely devoted to his friendship with David. Steadfast and single-minded, Jonathan had an unwavering commitment to David.

Being a True Friend
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Don’t we all wish we had a friend like Jonathan? I call such a person a “soul” friend—a kind of friend who gives you room to vent, grieve, sort things through, question, and express emotions without judgment or betrayal. A “Jonathan” remains steadfast, a sturdy and sure support throughout the seasons of life.

A “Jonathan” is needed, especially when life is hard.

For some of us, it seems difficult is hardwired into our lives.

13 Qualities of a True Friend

Being a caregiver to someone with disabilities presents so many challenges, but, regrettably, there are very few “Jonathans” to provide care for the caregiver! Romans 12:10–16 addresses many characteristics of a “Jonathan.” If you know someone living with seemingly unbearable caregiving demands, he or she needs a “Jonathan” more than you can imagine!

Read through Paul’s words, then note the qualities identified in the passage. I find thirteen:

  1. Honor
  2. Zeal
  3. Spiritual fervor
  4. Serving as unto the Lord
  5. Joyfulness
  6. Hopefulness
  7. Patience
  8. Faithfulness
  9. Hospitality
  10. Unconditional blessing
  11. Empathy
  12. Harmony
  13. Humility

In David’s life, Jonathan was essential. In our lives, “Jonathans” are essential, most especially to those with unending demands and sweeping emotional heartaches.

I urge you to seek the Lord today by asking Him to lead you to someone for whom you might become a “Jonathan.” As a result, you will be used by God to give to this person invaluable help and hope.

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4 thoughts on “Being a True Friend

  1. I really like this post! It is such a good reminder to be present with others in their sufferings and the everyday demands of their lives, and to pray for the spirit of God to lead and equip me to act and speak into their lives in a way that ministers to them and glorifies God. Being present and being prayerful are two of the greatest gifts we can give.

    • Melissa,
      When I think of you, present and prayerful are two words that I would use to describe you in significant ways. You are in such huge pain yet present; you are enduring with grace which reveals prayerfulness. I admire both qualities with deep and intense honor. Thank you for such a kind note and I continue to pray for your healing and relief. You are a treasure. Colleen

  2. Jolene,
    Sweet Friend! How long recovery takes…I have little to no patience for it and I stopped praying for patience years ago so I must need it a whole lot! It is so nice to be reconnecting…I pray all our words are used together in unity to bring others to our Lord, the author and perfector of our faith. I hope you and your family are well these days…hopefully that new little life has brought fresh hope into your home. Have a wonderful weekend. Colleen

  3. Glad to see you’re at the computer again, Colleen. Thanks for adding this to’s Tuesday special needs link up.