God Knows Your Ways

“God has the whole world in His hands.” Remember the old gospel song? He’s got the wind, the rain, the tiny little baby, yes, even you and me in His hands. How easy it is to forget that! And it isn’t limited to our geography or our culture, you know.

God Knows Your Ways
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He’s got the Middle East in His hands (that’s a relief, isn’t it?), not to mention North Korea and Iran, Cuba and India, Indonesia and Russia—all right there in the palms of His sovereign hands. And while we’re at it, He’s got our future, our children, our circumstances, our friends, and our foes in His hands . . . within His grasp . . . under His control.

Even when imaginary fears slip in like the morning frost to blight our faith. He’s there—in charge.

It’s All in His Hands—Really?

But there are times when we find it really hard to believe that our circumstance is truly in His hands. Not only are the wind and the rain and the tiny little baby in His hands, but so are life’s minor interruptions as well as major calamities. In fact, would you believe they never leave His attention?

There will be times we will need the reminder of the wise prophet named Isaiah:

Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;
Your walls are continually before Me. (Isaiah 49:16)

In other words, God sees us exactly as we are . . . warts and all, needs and all. He sees everything. And how close does He view it? It’s in the palms of His hands.

That Means Everything

God knows your ways . . . and He knows them continually. That includes:

  • your responses
  • your experiences
  • your reactions
  • what you call your calamities
  • your dead ends
  • your so-called impossible situations
God Knows Your Ways Always

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Not only does He have you and me, the wind and the rain, and the tiny little baby in His hands, He holds everything under control.

  • He has yesterday’s failures.
  • He has today’s challenges.
  • He has tomorrow’s surprises right there in His hands.

And not one of them causes God to gasp. Not one causes Him to react with surprise, “Ah! I never knew that.” Not one. He is unshockable, He is immutable. He’s got the whole world in His hands. What’s more, He has inscribed you and me on His palms.

Things aren’t out of control.1Taken from Charles R. Swindoll, Encouragement for Life: Words of Hope and Inspiration (Nashville: J. Countryman, 2006), 73-74. Copyright © 2006 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

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1. Taken from Charles R. Swindoll, Encouragement for Life: Words of Hope and Inspiration (Nashville: J. Countryman, 2006), 73-74. Copyright © 2006 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

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4 thoughts on “God Knows Your Ways

  1. Right now my heart is so heavy. We seem to be up against impossible odds. My autistic son, almost 17 now, became so overwhelmed at his special school that he became almost psychotic. After a specialist evaluated him, she said he was not psychotic just desperately needing ABA therapy. Unfortunately, all doors seem to be closed to us in that. Our insurance does not provide coverage, individual ins policies avail in Texas have a $35,000.00 cap for kids his age, and he needs roughly $100,000 in therapy (per year). I’m laying it at God’s feet (or trying to). I don’t want to watch my son suffer…I don’t want him institutionalized or jailed because he did not receive the therapy he needs. I can find no where in the bible where it says God promises to meet our needs necessarily. Sometimes, from what I can find, He allows us to go without. For all I know, He wants my son to suffer, be institutionalized or jailed, to reach somebody else. I don’t know what He wants…but I sure hope He doesn’t plan for me to watch my son suffer like that.

    • My dear Sharon,
      Oh how my heart breaks for what you are enduring. I have been there so many times and in fact, am facing some challenges that, as you have said, “seem to up against impossible odds”. I have two thoughts…one is directed towards the school issue, the other for your soul. Regarding the school, since they are not funded for behavioral support, the school will almost inevitably say they cannot offer anything. The fact that you mentioned anxiety is vital. Autism is often accompanied with various forms of anxiety; therefore, the behavioral challenges are to be classified under the ASD documentation, not an emotional/behavioral issue. Since I don’t know how high functioning he is (which changes the supports the school is mandated to give), I suggest you look over this site thoroughly http://www.wrightslaw.com/info/relsvcs.indepth.htm / . Texas is notorious for their lack of supports and rank low on the national scale but if you follow much of what Wrightslaw says, you will find help. Also, never do any communicating about supports without documenting it, dating and signing it. I learned from a very successful advocate that one should include in all correspondence the following people: cc the principal, school district superintendent, state education agency (look it up on the government web site for Texas), and a state representative. Copy all those people on every exchange you have with the school. I am able to help further if I know what has been documented on his ARD and signed by you. You are able to request a full educational/psych eval each year contrary to what schools often tell you which is every three. Mandates state at LEAST every three, but parent requests over ride that. Make sure all communication is in writing as I put above. They are on a time crunch once a parent makes any request. Secondly, your soul and heart my friend. We read in Genesis that one of the names for Jesus in the Abraham account is Jehovah-Jireh…meaning “The Lord our provider”. Since God is timeless and changeless, perfect in every way, He will always provide. Now, many miss-interpret that to mean He will provide as we see fit….NO, He will provide as He has planned and knows what is best for us. Because He is also all loving, we must learn to trust what he does and does not provide, believing that out of His perfect love, He is providing and making a way for us even though we cannot see any sight of Him. All through God’s word, from Abraham, David, Habakkuk, the prophets, to Paul and those in the New Testament, God reinforces that our sufficiency is only from HIM. When we come up against the wall, He calls us to trust even though all is hopeless. Another thing to remember (and I have to remind myself of the daily), is that I don’t know what tomorrow holds. In this world, we are promised to have many troubles. I don’t know what will happen with my son or yours, but I do know God will provide His comfort and peace even if the worst comes to past. So we must take every thought captive, harness our imaginations, and repeatedly say “Lord, I will trust you” …. and then put our head to the grindstone and do what we can to learn and advocate. I could say so much more but this is plenty to chew on. I so understand Sharon; how I wish we could talk as you would hear me tell of things that have hurt Jon and where the school fell through; yet God provided Himself for me and that is what God us through. His love for you is boundless…stay at the cross, find Him there, and you will find peace and rest. Please let me know if I can help in any way to further advocate or help with your heart transformation. I so thank you for writing and hope to hear from you soon. Colleen

  2. Colleen great post and a good reminder for those of us like me who need a wake up call. My heart is breaking as I read your post Sharon and Colleen. My son is 13 and we have had issue in the past and I know we will in the future as well. I just don’t understand why ABA cost so much for something that helps in big ways. Why is it so expensive. Sorry just really feel for our special needs community that things just should not cost that much. Its hard enough let alone the financial strain. Praying for you both. Colleen on a side note this is Missy from FB. No longer on there took myself off for a mental break and eventually around the holidays will be back on. Have not forgot about you and praying. Sharon praying for you as well this morning because i have similar questions at time. “God can’t want this?” or similar questions but then I am reminded that God is good no matter throughout the bible. For me personally come to a conclusion that God does not cause all that spirals in our lives. Reminded of “War Room” that I have seen recently the movie and the bible scripture that speaks of how the devil comes to destroy, kill , and so on. This past summer our house was attacked heavily and not just taking my son down but also his parents. It was a very weak spot. Questions that swirled in my head “What if I just gave up?” and “This christian life is just to much and I am tired”. There are no easy answers that is certain and questions I am sure will never get answered. It is so hard at times. Still struggle at times but then I have to snap my mind and heart out of it and pray. Allowing God to do exactly what He says in the bible and His truths. He has me. He is in control. Holding my thought captive and putting on a shield and so forth. Basically having to do battle with God’s word. No right or wrong answers because we just don’t know and its excruciating and kills your spirit at times. Sharon know will be praying for you and your son. I don’t just say that but I do it. Hugs to you. Just hold on Sharon. Keep pushing forward.

    • Missy,
      It’s so good to hear your heart in this note. I have many thoughts swirling around as I read your comment…yes, God is Sovereign, yes, the world is tragically broken, yes we will suffer, yes, God is good always, and YES…much of this all we will never understand. I’ve come to have a high respect for the “unseen”…the war that goes on that we cannot see, control, or understand. So, your mention of the “War Room” movie explains a lot to us all…much of our lives are about being in relationship with Christ and allowing Him to fight the wars we cannot see or battle against.