Holding On to Hope

An Interview with Nancy Guthrie

Like fuel is for our cars and vitamins are for our bodies, hope is for the soul. Without hope, life continues to swirl around us, but we grind to a sluggish stop. Despair, disillusionment, and discontentment set in; we feel stuck.

Nancy Guthrie
Nancy Guthrie

Few understand hopelessness like Nancy Guthrie. After losing one child to a rare genetic disorder, Nancy and her husband were surprised to find she was pregnant again—only to have another child grow in her womb, be welcomed into loving arms, then pass into eternity within a few months. Where do you find hope after the loss of two children? How do you get unstuck? The answer resides in the lens we look through; perspective is everything.

If your fuel tank is low, Nancy’s words will help fill you with hope to move forward.

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Interview Questions

  1. If I’m disappointed with God, what should I keep in mind?
  2. How can times of suffering actually help us know God more fully?
  3. How does the passage of time help us change our perspective on suffering?
  4. How can we get to the place of fully trusting God’s will for our lives?
  5. Is it wrong to be angry with God?
  6. What can churches do to help people deal with loss?
  7. What are respite retreats, and how did they get started?
  8. How does Jesus’ death on the cross help us make sense of the painful things we experience?

Let Me Hear from You

We all endure times when it seems like nothing good will come from a situation or circumstance that is awful, painful, unexpected, and appears hopeless. We may know what Scripture says, but it doesn’t always fill the gaping wound with a wonderfully comforting balm. The truth is, the good comes after we have endured the bad for a while, after we’ve been comforted by the comfort of others, and after we’ve chosen to put our hope and trust in the One who endured the cross: Jesus Christ.

Have you run out of fuel? Is your spiritual or emotional tank on empty? Choose hope . . . choose to believe, to hope in Christ, and watch what unfolds. What one area of life are you willing to place in the hands of God today?

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About Nancy Guthrie

Nancy GuthrieNancy and her husband, David, have a twenty-something year old son and have had two children who were born with a rare genetic disorder called Zellweger Syndrome, and each lived six months. Nancy has written books that reflect her compassion for hurting people and her passion for applying God’s Word to real life. Her desire to grow in her understanding of God’s Word has prompted her to pursue graduate work in theological studies. She and David host Respite Retreats for couples who have faced the death of a child. She speaks regularly at conferences nationally and internationally. Nancy and David make their home in Nashville, Tennessee.

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6 thoughts on “Holding On to Hope

  1. L Allen,
    You have no idea how I wish I could scoop you up and take you to get a message, some hot coffee, some quiet relief that we long for. Not to mention a road map for life…that would help, wouldn’t it! However, your words drip with exhaustion and longing for a place to exhale. I’m so sorry for the “grind”…the EVERY DAY needs that press into you like a hot iron. And how I understand the “knowing” yet “experiencing” part of our faith journey…yes, we KNOW those truths, so many great ones to hang onto…when we have a little strength. It’s when we are so tired that we can’t reach up for that last thread….I’ve learned this is when He reaches in…not always do we ‘feel’ the relief or are given space or what we believe we need most…but we are given His presence and company which allows us to come just as we are and be loved. It’s okay not to have the answers, to not have the strength, to not have joy all the time; no one expects you to get it all right…whatever “right” is. We are very human, very unable, very dependent on our Lord as our shepherd, aren’t we. Interestingly, your note came on a day when I felt just as you described…and in some ways am experiencing that right now. In the past, I would have tried to muster up the energy to “do more, do something” to fix or pick myself up. I am now learning to simply say to the Lord in dependence…I need you Lord, I feel exhausted and at a loss to know how to move forward with _______. Sitting in the exhaustion He shows up and moves my heart as only He could do. I talked with the Lord yesterday about something, allowed life to get me all caught up and in a tangle with time and anxiety until I went for a walk. During that time, a podcast came on that I didn’t expect…I have a list of things I listen to on my walks and had marked several others to hear before this one. However, one came on that stirred my heart with such hope I knew it was the Lord reminding me that He was with me, for me, and leading the way through a difficult time. I don’t know if this helps you in any way; I do want you to know you are not alone and I understand. I don’t know how the Lord will reach into your soul and lift your spirits, but I know He will. Maybe on a walk, or while drawing or coloring (my husband bought me a coloring book last weekend after hearing me talk about the brain science of coloring…he is so down to earth, I get too caught up in my head and learning), maybe sit outside or look at nature around you and be still; and in the stillness, look at all He has made, thank Him for what He has supplied you with, and wait for His help. I am quickly reminded of Ps. 23…the Lord is our shepherd, sheep are impossible to handle but somehow, He is able. Never do we read that He gives up on a sheep or just lets one fall apart; He finds them, helps them, revives them, and leads them on. May this word fill you with hope and peace in the middle of a hard day. Colleen

    • Thank you Colleen!!! I guess I hung it all out there to dry!! Its encouraging to know, I am not the only one who goes through it. You’re a lifeline!! I feel selfish and self centered for typing those things in my post. I know there are those who have it far worse than I. But there are days of complete humanness that I cannot escape. It keeps me real in ministry to be honest about where I am!!

      • L Allen,
        I am SO glad you put it out there…we have to be open and authentic or Christ never can shine through…I loved your honesty. And no, it’s not selfish to say I’m tired, I’m exhausted and don’t like this right now…it’s HUMAN! I think Christ must have gone to His Father and said that a time or two…what a calling and so exhausting. I hope you always feel free to write anytime, anything, right where you are because that is God shows up…in our “NOW” of life, not our “what if’s”, “if only’s”, our realities. This is what I see ministry being about so stay true to your voice, honest with God, connected with others and here, and we’ll make it one step at a time. So great to connect with you again. Colleen

  2. I’m really blown away by this interview! You both are such an inspiration. The journey through grief (especially grieving a child) in one of great intimacy with our Lord and you have given others a pathway to healing – just beautiful.

    • Amy,
      What a beautiful comment….thank you. Nancy is a woman I have respected for years…one of those quiet hero’s who sets things (like her writing and speaking) out there with grand humility and it blows me away. She is truth and grace, mercy and authenticity wrapped up so beautifully. I will pass your comment on to her. How I thank you and hope this does open pathways for others. May your day be touched by God’s grand hands of care, Colleen

  3. I have read her book a while back and passed it on as a gift to someone else. I so needed the few words that caught my attention. “without hope, life continues to swirl around us, but we grind to a sluggish stop.Despair, disillusionment, and discontent move in.We feel stuck” I could not feel more at the “stuck” point.I know all the scriptures and the formula for getting out of it. But more often than not this is where I find myself when day after day things change for a few moments then go on in the unending grind and disappointment. Trying to comfort my almost grown children who just can’t yet grasp what has happened, takes whatever I have left and empties me of it. I know that God is who he says he is, that He has NOT changed, that we live in a fallen broken world physically, emotionally, and mentally. But this morning my heart is in need of hope. And I find myself longing for the place where all things will be “made new” the brokenness of this fallen world will be healed. Thank you for your ministry again!