Reframing Ministries: Discover Purpose, Passion, and Perspective!

Sometimes, we get stuck in life’s ruts. Ever feel stuck? If so, you don’t have to remain there!

Colleen Swindoll Thompson
Colleen Swindoll Thompson introduces Reframing Ministries.

Insight for Living Ministries can help you climb out . . . with Reframing Ministries.

If the name Reframing Ministries is unfamiliar to you, that’s okay, because it’s the brand new name for the Special Needs Department of Insight for Living Ministries.

Here’s how it will help you even more than it has.

Led by Colleen Swindoll Thompson, Reframing Ministries offers help, hope, and a good bit of humor to those enduring difficult situations in life. Our goal is to bridge the gap sometimes left between a person struggling in life and his or her local church.

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Our passion goes beyond being an encouragement for those with special needs or their caregivers. Reframing Ministries seeks to help people suffering the sting of divorce, abuse, loss, or countless other unexpected events. Our interviews, blog posts, and personal correspondence are purposed that we might work together to connect, to feel alive, and to find meaning in life.

Visit Reframing Ministries today to begin the process of getting unstuck—of working through your pain to find purpose and peace . . . all according to the truth of God’s Word.

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9 thoughts on “Reframing Ministries: Discover Purpose, Passion, and Perspective!

  1. My internet is not working well Colleen sorry i wasn’t able to watch the video..I have an update colleen it is really very good for my husband ,me and our son.The Lord’s intervention to give my husband another job despite his age is a miracle and a demonstration of His love to my husband,me and our son..It is because he not only was given a job,but a place to stay near his office.Meaning less stress traveling less expenses in transformation too.But the compensation is not enough to send our son back to school.My husband is showing sign ( not significantly) but i can see hope of.recovery.The Lord gave me his word in 2Timothy 2:23-26,that if he will be taught constantly in gentleness he might come to his senses and his heart can change and be totally freed from his demon i must endure this cross forever colleen,thanks for your ministry.While i am happy with what is slowly taking place in my husband’s life i am at the same time on my knees again with my son,but is a more easier one since he do not have a disorder.(I thank the Lord).

    • It is wonderful to hear from you! My apologies for not responding sooner, I’ve been recovering from surgery. As I read your words, I thought of several books that may be of help. The first is called “His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair Proof Marriage” by Willard F. Harley, Jr. There is a study guide as well. The book focuses on the five most powerful needs of men and of women in a marriage; and when those needs are met, a loving, unifying peace enters the marriage. I encourage you to read it together, but if that isn’t comfortable right now, I encourage you to read it and see what happens. Another is by Gary Chapman…a massive best seller for years called “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts”. Gary highlights five basic love languages and how to connect to your spouse in their primary love language. It calls us to identify our own and to communicate that so our spouse isn’t left to do the impossible…read our minds…but knows what touches our hearts the most. In all, I’m thrilled to know something said has helped; please never hesitate to connect for any reason. I believe you may look back on this time and find it deepened your marriage as you allow the Lord to work in your heart. Blessings to you my friend, Colleen

      • Hi Colleen, just reaching out in prayer for the serious reason of my hostilities towards him my hubby. And mostly my recent surgery. It hurts your stomach muscles. So I’m merely asking for prayer for my pain. Sept 5th was the surgery day. I’m on Sept 23. still. And still in same pain. Thanks for your prayers. I do really appreciate it. Love you much Colleen.

        • Absolutely! “Lord, this moment I am seeking you on behalf of my friend here who needs your precious care. Lord, I ask you to help her through her current pain….physical, emotional, and spiritual…Lord, you know exactly how her body is made and what is needed for healing. Lord, you are our great physician and we call to you for healing today. Father, I also know there are ways you heal that doesn’t remove our physical pain but transforms our hearts. While freedom from physical pain is longed for and asked for, we rely on your divine wisdom as you work in the heart of your child. Lord, I also ask you to direct her steps, help with emotional management, and put people in her path that will offer support and hope. Lord, you are never far from us…where we go, you are there. So I ask that more than anything, your presence will be with Christlover today. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen”.
          Friend, I would love to help with anything possible. I understand how powerful emotional swings and physical challenges can be. I have done a ton of studies on whole life wellness due to the many challenges my son and I have. I’ve learned and continue to study how genetics, DNA, blood, heart, sleep, and vitamin absorption play a part in our daily lives. If there’s ever a question I can help you with, I would be honored to do so.
          Hope you are having a better week. Much love and prayers, Colleen