The Best Interviews of 2016

There’s a lot of talk about what is anticipated when a new year rolls around. Let’s not forget the anticipation in the new year. New beginnings . . . new anything is great!

New Year
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Not that I LOVE things, but sometimes new stuff is glorious. For example:

  • A new, soft, cuddly little baby
  • A new, clean house
  • A new, fabulous pair of shoes (my downfall)
  • A new trip somewhere you have never been
  • A new season: football and fall, swimming and summer, winter’s wonderland, and new life in spring popping up with fresh scents and colors

But there’s another truth to new stuff. Our anticipation is often colored with a lot of excitement because we somehow cling to unrecognized expectations.

Here’s the bummer: Typically the “newness” of something wears off when we realize . . .

  • Soft, cuddly little babies need their diapers changed and cry . . . a LOT
  • Houses—new or otherwise—require a lot of work
  • Shoes get scratched and have to be polished
  • Trips can fall apart quickly . . . missing or lost luggage, illness, accidents, and travel delays
  • The weather doesn’t remove our allergies, challenges, responsibilities, or changes

The Reality

In life, the “new” doesn’t replace reality, does it? Life requires that we be responsible and adjust and adapt to the unexpected challenges that come our way.

Our Reframing Ministries interviews are focused on helping you do exactly that . . . to adjust and adapt to the unexpected challenges you encounter.

As we enter this new year, I’ve highlighted several of our most watched, insightful, resourceful interviews from 2016. Reason being, 2017 will have some surprises, and I want you to be equipped for them.

In no particular order, I urge you to watch or listen to them in full or in segments.

The show notes outline each question. Perhaps you are looking for a specific subject and will find the question you need answered in one of our segments.

Either way, PLEASE take time to hear some incredible insight as you enter this new year.

New Year

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2016 Interviews

  1. “The Question That Never Goes Away”

Philip Yancey is a deep soul known for his compassion for those who struggle with God’s sovereign and sometimes silent will. The interview with Philip is extraordinarily insightful, relating to “the question that never goes away.” Please see the interview here.

2. “Did You Know That Anxiety Has a Purpose?”

Steve Fischer is a master “reframer.” From the loss of his four-year-old daughter with disabilities to his wisdom as a therapist and pastoral counselor, Steve offers particularly insightful thoughts on how God’s plan for stress in our lives is a wonderful plan.

Learning how to navigate the stress, appropriately addressing what we face with God’s peace, is one of life’s most vital tools.

In this interview, Steve explains stress and how it’s so beneficial for us to examine and positively incorporate into our lives. You can see this interview with Steve here.

3. “Suffering and God’s Strange, Sovereign Plan”

We typically endure hard times believing they will pass and never return. However, in God’s sovereign plan, sometimes He allows the most unexplained, unbelievable challenges to continue.

In that case, the question is, Do we trust His sovereign plan or toss it all to the wind? Michele Cushatt is one of the strongest individuals I know.

A multiple cancer survivor, life coach, mentor, blogger, and personal friend, Michele offers profound wisdom as she shares her journey through suffering, after her third battle with cancer. You can see all or the individual segments of the interview here.

4. “Seeing in the Dark: Mental Health in the Church”

One of America’s most well-known pastors and authors is Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church. Many people believe that pastors live pain-free, easygoing lives. The truth is, ministry is a calling which at times includes unimaginable pain and tragedy.

  • Personal pain
  • Family
  • Interpersonal struggles
  • Hate mail
  • Criticism

These are most common . . . to name only a few. When Rick and Kay Warren lost their son to suicide, their lives were shattered. As God brought them through this unbelievable time of grief, He also led them to the start realization that the church of Jesus Christ must come to grips with mental illness and become better equipped to compassionately and loving to walk with those who struggle in this darkness.

Kay’s interview stands as one of the best mental health discussions I’ve ever had. Please enjoy all or the segments of this interview here.

Let Me Hear from You

So what “new” part of life has left you a bit challenged? Facing some surprises yet?

I would love to hear what helped you move forward as you gained wisdom from these incredibly insightful, resilient people.

Additionally, what are some themes you would like to have discussed in an interview? I can’t wait to hear from you.

You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Interviews of 2016

  1. Colleen – Always LOVE touching hearts with you! Lots going on here in my journey as I’m sure with you! A friend emailed me this AM that she was praying for me that God would part the Red Sea! I love that! Praying that for you as well! God bless you, my wonderful friend! You know where I am if or when you have time for a PM chat! Love and hugs!

    • Ann, You have no idea how perfectly timed this note is. Yes, yes, yes…part the Sea Lord! Would love to catch up as well. We’re looking into some health needs for Jon and can’t believe it’s already almost February. How are you my dear one? What are the needs you have as I would be honored to pray for you as well. I hope some of these interview segments are encouraging to you! Love you dear friend. So good to hear from you! Colleen

  2. Thank you for putting these four interviews in one spot so I can easily re-watch them all! They are all so moving and powerful.

    • Judy, My friend…How are you? You are so welcome! I love the interviews and hope they are shared more this next year. If you have any theme or topic ideas, let me know and I’ll get to work on finding resources. I hope your first few weeks into the new year have gone well and you are doing great. Have a wonderful day! Colleen