Wisdom for the Anxious

An Interview with Amy Simpson

Without question, anxiety is a pervasive problem in today’s world. We are bombarded with fear-laden messages of unrest and uncertainty, leading most of us to get all entangled with confusing, anxious thoughts.

Instead of taking things to the Lord and finding rest, we habitually ruminate over what we cannot control—which only makes things worse. Amy Simpson knows this cycle all too well.

Amy was raised in an unstable environment which caused tremendous confusion and anxiety. As an adult, Amy has faced her anxiety head-on and offers us all fantastic hope with truth that sets us free.

Watch the Interview

Interview Questions:

  1. Where did you find the inspiration for this book?
  2. What do you mean when you say we have to be countercultural when dealing with our anxieties?
  3. How do you differentiate between fear, anxiety, and worry?
  4. What are some debilitating effects of anxiety?
  5. Why is it easy to believe God loves the world but He doesn’t love me?
  6. Why does it seem there is a difference between what I affirm about God and what I believe about God?
  7. What are some physiological effects of prayer and other spiritual disciplines?
  8. What words do you have for those who have tried everything to overcome anxiety?

Let Me Hear from You

How do you handle your worries? Do you struggle with anxious thoughts, trying to shut them out by staying busy or attempting to fix what is uncomfortable or difficult? Without Christ, we will never find full rest and peace on this side of heaven. John 16:33 says:

“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” (NLT)

For those who struggle with anxiety, we must run to the truth which promises rest for the weary and peace for the anxious. If you have not already trusted Christ as your Savior, I ask you to lay down the fight, give your life and all its challenges to Christ, and trust Him as your Lord.

There is no peace on earth like the peace that comes from knowing Christ and finding strength for each day in Him alone. Please connect with us as you move away from worry and into the peaceful presence of Christ Jesus.

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About Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson holds an English degree from Trinity International University, an MBA from the University of Colorado, and CPCC certification from Coaches Training Institute. Amy is the author of several award-winning books, a gifted communicator, creative professional, and experienced leader. Amy also serves as an editor-at-large for Christianity Today’s CTPastors.com, and she regularly contributes to many publications. Amy is also a sought-after life coach, driven to help people find their own voice and live full, abundant lives. She is married to Trevor, has two teen-aged girls, and resides in the suburbs of Chicago.

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You can find all of Amy’s information, resources, and ways to connect by going to her Web site.

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10 thoughts on “Wisdom for the Anxious

  1. Hello Colleen, This is so very valuable. and so accurate on all levels. How did you find this individual. this is some of the very best information regarding anxiety and how everyone need be aware and understand. . I cherish the scripture to go along with this. It is pretty amazing, the ptsd program I am involved right now, I am doing these things , so cool. belief and is it true, and retrain mind, and the neuro plasticity? I did not know spealling but part of the training . I totally understand and relate to how we are so much better in control when not letting anxiety take over, I usually stop and point to God or read scripture that helps so the anxiety will not escalate. This ptsd program will help me further , I do have so much growth already, it is the triggers still that create unsafe feeling and triggers this level of discomfort, and the key I have found is the awareness of self and these triggers and what is believed and said within mind, and to catch it and point to Jesus to help us change our beliefs, to yes know God is in control, and to give it to Him is very positive that can feel change of calm ..When I do “see too much” is when I have noticed my anxiety increases as most are not aware what I hyper sensitive to,and I sometimes in these situations know I see more and like that gal at Church I know I see it but may react differently because of all coming to me that would not come to individual or average person. I have also begun to see how some I have met take this anxiety and old belief system to the truth of GOd and it distorts His word and HIs truth ,and it creates an entirely different dynamic and voice that is inaccurate of our Lord.
    I had not finished this video yet, but love the scripture to lean into if have anxiety. Great interview .
    I wanted to also let you know I have been praying as we talked for you and yours, and tonite at prayer group at Church I received another national prayer ,this one was similar in that it was for a Chaplain of Baptist Disaster Relief, and for him and volunteers as minister to those hurting and in shock in the aftermath of disasters. Of the two national prayer requests,from Church are called Send CIties Pray/Pray Planting. I received this one as I and another raised hand to pray for these inter national pray requests.
    I look forward to connecting again soon
    Sorry I was so anxious with the relation I was uncomfrotatble I am grateful for your amazing work of God and patience wisdom genuine care and understanding. Great things are coming.
    Have a good rest of week
    With loving care

    • Leesa,
      The interview with Amy is one of the best! I learned of her work through several individuals I know; speaking with her was and continues to be so refreshing! I’m thrilled you gained valuable insight; her books are fantastic too. Like I said before, take it slow…one day at a time, bits of info here and there so you aren’t overloaded with it all. You have an incredible capacity for learning, I hope you aren’t overloaded but encouraged. I’ll pass along to Amy your wonderful words of affirmation. Colleen

      • Thank you Colleen for genuine care of me with all the new doors opening The most amazing part as whole big picture is God at work how he created something I needed and provided through two other courses that opened up to me , both art therapy for self esteem and mastering skills to practicing communication and boundaries in a group setting to the apologetics offering “tactics – guiding the conversation “as one segment of course for in certification class I need to know how be assertive in asking good questions to direct individuals to look within themselves for self awareness and to guide to core self for answers and healing – tactics in this Church course will have role play and teach that which can be applied in this certification class too. It is fascinating as honestly as fast as I had thought even before actual structured prayer God provided what I began I think about “how gain strength in these areas to apply with certification and well ”
        One of the recommended of three books for apologetics is “tactics , a game plan for discussing your Christian Convictions “by Koukl
        God obviously has a path for me through all linking to the other.
        I excited see where He leading me with all complementing each other same conceot in big picture .
        Thank you again for thoughtful encouragement ,

  2. Hello Colleen,
    I wanted to make a correction, the thought I had was regarding what is called “Neurobics”it all similar to what you are speaking of as retraining old beliefs and “patterns” that will help reduce anxiety.” Neurobics is how our brains can get stuck in new disruptive patterns after a traumatic experience. the new patterns may include intense worrying, high levels of anxiety and stress and being easily startled. making it difficult to focus relax and even sleep”. “In order to challenge your brain and help it rebuild and heal after a trauma, your brain needs to create new patterns. Just like aerobic excerices, which help your body get stronger, Neurobic excercises will help your brain get stronger and heal. Doing unfamiliar tasks or familiar tasks in unfamiliar ways will encourage your brain to form new, healthier, and more relaxed patterns, helping to break the patern of stress, tension and trauma that your brain may be experiencing.”. Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands. It can be something as simple as experimenting with different color light filters, lamp shades or light bulbs, to walking down a grocery store aisle that you usually don’t visit to closing your nose when you first taste or bite into food to focus on sensations or textures, to listening to music and identify the instruments that you can hear, to stating a new hobby or new flavors and meals when you cook or dine out. Pretty neat ,and that all this information is coming out to help all those with anxiety to live more calm fulfilling lives. To be able to have greater clarity as a whole, and as I grow to now be able to meditate on scripture as I learn His word now with a focus and be calmed and relaxed and to have a glimpse to see and know” true peace”, a great gift of God on this side of Heaven.
    THanking God for His working through you in amazing ways as I see always with who you are and what you share that is real and true with compassion and genuine care for all,
    Have a wonderful day today
    With love

      • Colleen. I am really happy you found intrigue to look at this neurobics. It is very fascinating how applied with trauma /traumatic experiences to break away from the disruptive patterns (anxiety being one )our brain may have gotten stuck from that traumatic event I will forward the resource from the STSM source it was offered to me from.
        Have a blessed afternoon. I continue pray and happy that I can offer prayer

  3. Hi Colleen, I seem to want to share a few more neurobics, like combining two or more senses in unexpected ways, this is what it says, one can place a stone in pocket and hold the stone in your hand while you take a walk, paying attention to the trees as I add of Gods creation.or a visual meditation with a sense of complete gratitude while paying full attention to the trees, and a favorite is listening to rain and tap your fingers on a table or leg or drum Drumming is wonderful for centering and calming so I have added that to this. breaking routines are neat too, rearrange your furntiture, walk down a hallway backwards brush teeth eat food open doors with the hand that you normally would not use. I wanted to share because all this information is so valuable to add, and brilliant well thought out ways of helping change the brain patterns /anxiety .and it all works. By my experience this interview and information and what I have shared is some of the very best well examined truly remarkable and proven insight that today exists for what I know specifically to myself ptsd anxiety .
    I also wanted to share that the hyper sensitivity when heightened to so much information coming to me at once ,creates the larger trigger of confusion which is more for me not being able to organize all that incoming information, and then it creates the dynamic of feeling out of control and seeking control, and this is where I still get in a stitch when it feels larger than me, and that is where I turn it all over to God ,it is a process . Over time it is getting better, still the times so much information that just comes to me overflows to a flooding of info that I simply at times do not know what to do with or how to organize to process. God is in control of all things has been helping me, even if I go through some of the steps of confusion and anxiety, and then my brain kicks in to what learned to Trust that ah yes God is in control and Nothing is impossible with God too so I can pray about it and all knowing He hears and sees and knows me and is there that I can give it all to Him .This is where I know scripture memorized as you have at hand each and every moment will help me so much. I begin my Read the BIble for Life this evening,and so happy about that.
    Have a Blessed day today and end of week now. I continue to pray
    With loving care

    • Leesa,
      YES, these are fabulous things to do. As I’ve worked with Jon’s issues, I’ve learned there are many ways to cross our brain’s midline…what separates the right and left hemispheres. By doing bi-lateral movements (from crawling, brushing teeth with non-preferred hand while standing on the opposite leg, and more), it makes neural connections in new ways. I had not heard of some that you listed so thank you so much! It looks silly but we try to do these activities because studies on neural connections and aging reveal it keeps the brain ‘young’. And oh how we need that around here.
      Also, I understand confusion setting in when you have a ton of information thrown your way. There’s no way any of us are able to take in a ton of new info when we are working through deep trauma histories. I would encourage you to take in only one or two thoughts, then pause for a while…maybe a day and ponder what your processing. When you are able to return to the video/book/info, then do so but take your time. It’s like learning to ride a bike…we wobble and fall a lot before ever mastering the riding movement. Our brains are similar in that new info/pathways require time to process. Don’t push yourself too fast, you are on a great, great growth path. I’m so proud of you! Colleen