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Reframing the Autism Epidemic

An Interview with Emily Colson It’s a parent’s fear, an educational nightmare, a massive political agenda, the subject of heated church conflicts, an American epidemic, and more. Autism. Since 2000, multidisciplinary research has helped us treat vast variations of autism, but research can’t fix autism. In many ways, “fixing” autism shifts our focus away from […]

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Sea Storm

Strategies for Storm Survival

Years ago, I cruised through Alaska’s inside passage. Majestic tree-lined forests tower far above the cloud level, framing the ocean waters that spread between the shorelines in calm quietness. The inside passage cruise is unique in that there are only a few hours when the ship sails through the open ocean without visible land on […]


Seven Steps to a Spectacular Life

Christ came to set us free, first and foremost from ourselves. Until and unless you choose to accept what He has allowed, you will never be free. If you purpose to cultivate the skills that I’m going to share with you today, you’ll change your life and be liberated to live with hope and peace. […]

Break Free

Your Life in 20 Years

I had never seen anything like it. While traveling through Asia many years ago, we spent several days in the most populated, packed city of China—Shanghai. While quietly people-watching out of our tour bus window, I saw an older-looking gentleman moving massive rocks with what appeared to be an ancient yoke. His back bowed under […]

Shine Through

What You Have to Know Today

Jesus began the reframing process. For people to accept who He was as He was would have been quite a leap back then. Maybe it’s a leap for you today, because your life has taken an unexpected twist and the whirlwind has you twisted up. Perhaps you are one who has (mis)labeled other people; how […]

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Colleen Swindoll Thompson


When life falls apart, confusion sets in. Personal questions are unanswerable, emotions are uncontrollable, and strength seems unattainable; such are the realities of shattering circumstances. Special Needs Ministries represents a source of hope for people by offering sound teaching, resources, and personal counseling.

We invite you to visit the Special Needs blog, managed by Colleen Swindoll Thompson, director of Special Needs Ministries and the parent of a child with special needs. Colleen is intimately aware of the daily challenges you face, and she is honored for the opportunity to interact with you.