The Power of a Renewed Mind

For the fastest way to be miserable, dwell on what’s wrong and unjust in your life. Or, instead, you can adopt James E. Ward, Jr.’s “zero victim mentality.” Pastor, author, and international leader on cultural and spiritual issues, James took his experience of being raised in the deep south and chose to exchange victimhood for a totally different mindset.

One may have oratory elegance

One may have oratory elegance, awe-inspiring gifts, faith that quakes the earth and seas; but without a soul founded on and filled with love, all other abilities and actions are meaningless.

The Power of a Renewed Mind

Victims are speaking up and being heard like never before. Slammed across news channels and social media sites are horrific stories of bullying, inappropriate sexual behavior, domestic violence, and human trafficking, to name just a few.

James Ward Jr.

While these experiences are horrible, they offer something revolutionary.

Raised in the deep south, James E. Ward Jr. never saw someone of another race or color until elementary school. James had a choice—the same one we all have when life is far from fair or just.

His choice changed the entire direction of his life. Do you want to live as a victim, or do you want a different outcome? This interview addresses how to find liberty, happiness, and life regardless of what we have endured.

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Happy New Year!

There’s nothing like starting something new! Filled with anticipation and expectations, no one really knows what will come of this year. This is for certain . . . we will be forced to change in some way.

New Year
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Our “normal” today will not be our “normal” by year’s end. We all will have to reframe something.

One thing I’ve learned about the reframing process is that it cannot be done alone.

When we’re learning how to navigate a “new normal,” we need support.

We need help, wisdom, direction. We need to know others have successfully adapted to change . . . and we can too.

Let Me Hear from You . . . Really!

No one can change the past; everyone can choose a new path today. Wherever you are in life, take the drive for perfection out of the equation . . . it’s an illusion.

For a Fantastic New Year, Focus on These Four Choices

For the last few years, I’ve welcomed the New Year with arms so wide open I could have hugged an airplane! FINALLY . . . this last year is O-V-E-R! Bubbling over with excitement, I hang up the new calendar and yell . . .

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This Year Is Going to Be Fantastic!

Ever had one of those new years? The kind of year that was, let’s say, more “character building” than you ever could have expected?

While we often don’t ask for challenges, few things are as relieving as when challenges disappear in the dust of our rearview mirror.

Then . . . the new year started. It didn’t take long to figure out that the whole “character development” issue didn’t end just by turning the calendar page.

The Downs

Here are some things my family and I faced these last few years:

When life’s circumstance

When life’s circumstances push you out of the nest, lean in. Lean into the free fall as an opportunity to learn to fly, and trust the Lord to help you land.

Where to Turn When Sorrow Suffocates Seasonal Joy

I remember my first holiday season as a single parent. Surrounded by ringing bells and colorful bows, the only box I wanted to open was a box of Kleenex. Ever been there?

Christmas Box
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You Are NOT Alone!

We desperately wish it were the most fun and festive time of the year, but some Christmases aren’t fun and festive at all.

Neighborhood lights are twinkling, kids are singing, Santas are ringing holiday bells, but these sights and sounds only magnify our pain.

Those who have faced loss or who live with unresolved family conflict or who are haunted by childhood physical or emotional trauma often dread the holidays.