Daring Greatly in a Declining Culture

What makes cowards run and champions rise? How is it that some people can face their fears, die to their dreams, and still have an abundant, fulfilling life? The book of Daniel answers these questions.

David and Jason Benham
David and Jason Benham

David and Jason Benham know exactly what it’s like to live courageously—like Daniel. Their message leads us all down that path. It’s time to rise above our circumstances and trust God regardless.

Reframing Anxiety: God’s Good Plan in How We’re Made

Anxiety . . . a word we often label negatively. We tend to put a “fear-based” frame around anxiety, forgetting to consider that anxiety may have a positive purpose.

Steve Fischer
Steve Fischer

As God made us, anxiety is an alarm system that awakens us to action in the here and now. However, today anxiety is focused on past events or assumed future challenges which result in fear-based living. Anxiety is exhausting unless we learn to reframe its purpose. If we want to live fully, addressing our core anxiety issues is essential.

Seven Steps to a Spectacular Life

Christ came to set us free, first and foremost from ourselves. Until and unless you choose to accept what He has allowed, you will never be free. If you purpose to cultivate the skills that I’m going to share with you today, you’ll change your life and be liberated to live with hope and peace.

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I promise.

In fact, you will one day look back and find that the disaster or difficulty you hated most when it happened gave you the life you longed for all along.

So grab a piece of paper and write these letters down the left side: R E F R A M E.

Your Life in 20 Years

I had never seen anything like it. While traveling through Asia many years ago, we spent several days in the most populated, packed city of China—Shanghai. While quietly people-watching out of our tour bus window, I saw an older-looking gentleman moving massive rocks with what appeared to be an ancient yoke. His back bowed under the weight of the thick wooden rod stretched across his shoulders; ropes tied to each side hung low to the ground due to the weight of the boulders. He walked slowly and looked exhausted, but he paced his steps and stayed the course.

Break Free
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We had been on the Great Wall days earlier—a mind-blowing 13,170.69-mile manmade structure dating back to before the birth of Christ. Talk about standing the test of time! The Wall has been bombarded by barbaric wars and slammed by some of the world’s deadliest natural disasters, yet it remains one of the original Seven Wonders of the World.

Reframing Ministries: Discover Purpose, Passion, and Perspective!

Sometimes, we get stuck in life’s ruts. Ever feel stuck? If so, you don’t have to remain there!

Colleen Swindoll Thompson
Colleen Swindoll Thompson introduces Reframing Ministries.

Insight for Living Ministries can help you climb out . . . with Reframing Ministries.

If the name Reframing Ministries is unfamiliar to you, that’s okay, because it’s the brand new name for the Special Needs Department of Insight for Living Ministries.

Here’s how it will help you even more than it has.

Does Your Child Have PTSD?

In the Civil War, it was called a “soldier’s heart.” During the Industrial Revolution, it was “compensation neurosis.” During World War I, it was labeled “shell shock.” In World War II, it was defined as “battle fatigue or combat exhaustion.” During the Korean and Vietnam Wars, experts called it “stress response syndrome.”

Finally, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders got it right: POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD).

Current research reveals that PTSD is not limited to survivors of war. PTSD can affect any person who has survived a traumatizing, overwhelming, terrifying event, such as rape, physical and mental abuse, school shootings, divorce, loss of a loved one or parent, physical illness, prolonged exposure to anything that overwhelms our bodies and affects how the brain functions.

Jolene Philo is an expert in the study and treatment of PTSD. Her son was born with life-threatening problems resulting in numerous surgeries—invasive procedures performed without pain medication . . . because, after all, “children don’t remember pain.” Current research shouts against such ignorance; our minds and bodies do remember trauma. If PTSD is left unattended to, those affected exist in a compromised state. In this interview, Jolene discusses the most current research on PTSD as well as healing treatments.

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Six Ways to Support Mental Health: A Revolutionary Model

Mental illness is a hot topic these days. For some it raises red flags of concern; for others it raises eyebrows in judgment. In spite of the fact that the Bible presumes and addresses the brokenness of the human heart and mind (take a look at Psalm 31:12; Proverbs 17:10; Ephesians 2:3; and James 4:8 for a small sampling), mental health—mental wellness or illness—is a subject most Christians know very little about.

Kay Warren
Kay Warren

Kay Warren lost her son to suicide. Not only did she and her family suffer from the stigma of mental illness, they also found very little support in their church. But that has to change, and it can change.

For the Sake of the Children

This is a guest post by Barb Piel. Barb received her master of arts in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary and formerly served as managing editor and assistant writer in the Creative Ministries Department at Insight for Living Ministries. Barb counts herself especially blessed to have enjoyed more than two decades of ministry in the world of education, writing, and Christian radio, and she currently invests in ministries that are making a global impact for Christ.

Too Small to Ignore: Book Review by Barb Piel

Ripples of shock and outrage course through the hearts of readers who can’t put down Wess Stafford’s book, Too Small to Ignore: Why the Least of These Matters Most. In addition to championing the cause of children worldwide, the book includes his story of childhood abuse and deliverance in a West Africa boarding school.

For the Sake of the Children
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  • How could this have been allowed to happen?
  • Why weren’t these children protected?
  • Is there hope of healing?

Wess Stafford, the president and CEO of Compassion International, overwhelmingly says, Yes!

There is hope of healing, there is redemption—but only with God.

Safety: Can I Count On You?

I first met Lawrence Daly back in 2010. Larry was working with a mutual friend of ours to investigate a sexual assault case. The victim was a child with disabilities. They were working out of an office next to mine, so I occasionally drifted over and asked questions. Okay, maybe it was more like a mad dash than an occasional drift, if I’m going to be flat-out honest.

Safety: Can I Count On You?
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What sent me running over to get their perspectives? I dedicated my children to the Lord as toddlers—a vow to the Lord I took more seriously than any other earthly endeavor. When I dedicated my children to the Lord, I promised Him that I would raise them in a loving, protected, Christian environment, no matter what. While I have made countless mistakes over the years as a mother, I did not falter on this promise.

How to Protect Your Kids from Abuse

The statistics are shocking . . .

  • Every ten seconds, a child sexual assault is reported.1Childhelp, “Child Abuse Statistics and Facts,” accessed July 23, 2015.
  • Four children die from abuse every day.2Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Child Maltreatment Prevention,” accessed July 22, 2015.
  • 20 percent of students in grades 9–12 have reported being in a fight or bullied at school in the past 12 months.3Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Understanding Bullying, Fact Sheet 2013,” accessed July 22, 2015.
  • 95 percent of abused children are abused by someone they know: parent, relative, babysitter, friend, and caregiver.4Per interview conversation with Lawrence Daly.
  • 50 percent of children who make an outcry to a parent about being abused are not believed.4
  • 1.3 million nonfatal crimes occurred against the disabled in 2012.5Disabled World, “1.3M Violent Crimes Against Persons with Disabilities—The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics,” accessed July 22, 2015.
  • One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted before age 16.6National Sexual Violence Resource Center, “Understanding Sexual Violence: Tips for Parents and Caregivers,” accessed July 23, 2015.
  • Seven of ten sexual addicts were sexually assaulted before age 12.4

That being said, there is no standard in the world for reporting child abuse, and there is no standard for convicting child abuse criminals.

Lawrence Daly is an international leader, speaker, and skilled professional striving to make this world a safer place for our kids. We must know our rights and responsibilities as adults in our churches and communities today.

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