Fearless Friendships: What You Must Remember

The offer was terrifying, but I couldn’t figure out why. My long-time friend told me years ago that I should meet her sister. Apparently, her sister and I have incredibly similar mannerisms and an outrageous sense of humor.

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On many occasions my friend has said she thinks her sister and I may have been separated at birth. This has been an ongoing discussion for 18 years.

Time Marches On

Now, a lot happens in 18 years. Think of where you were 18 years ago. Most, if not all, of us were in a totally different stage of life then.

Looking back over the last 18 years of friendship, my friend and I have experienced many life changes and challenges. Some years we’ve lived close enough to provide hands-on support.

Living Joyfully with Sorrow

Few things test our faith more than seeing our children suffer. Shortly after Tim Schultz left a financially secure position to enter full-time ministry, his and Jamie’s daughter, Anna, was born with life-threatening conditions. Now their lives are drastically different than expected, but enduring sorrow is combined with sovereign strength.

Living Joyfully with Sorrow

Few things test our faith more than when our loved ones suffer. We question God, we question our faith, we question what we believe. Life can turn upside down in a second.

Few people understand this more than Tim and Jamie Schultz. Following God’s leading, Tim left a very financially secure position and entered full-time ministry.

Shortly thereafter, Tim and Jamie’s lives were forever changed as God allowed their daughter, Anna, to be born with life-threatening conditions.

Anna is alive today, but life for the Schultz family is never free from challenges.

Regardless of where your faith may be, this interview reveals that when we trust in a great God, He provides in ways we cannot imagine. Life is not without pain, but we can live fully and joyfully with pain if we put our trust and faith in the right place. This interview is life-changing.

Colossal Walls We Must Conquer with Uncompromising Courage

We were going 80 miles an hour when I hit the wall. That collision shattered the left side of my face. Four surgeries and four months later, getting behind the wheel had a whole new meaning.

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When we think of walls, most of us think of The Great Wall of China or walled cities of ancient times built to keep the city’s inhabitants safe from enemy invaders.

We also have physical walls in our homes and walls that fortify or create boundaries around the property and possessions we want to protect. These are helpful, necessary walls.

However, there are other kinds of walls that we may not know exist . . . until we slam into them. We build these invisible walls to protect our hearts from past pain or anticipated harm.

The Ultimate Game of Thrones

Epic. Unforgettable. Remarkable. It’s a writer’s dream to craft work so powerful it moves the human spirit. In the world of fiction and fantasy, George R. R. Martin has done that with his novel series, originally titled A Song of Ice and Fire.

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Producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss created from Martin’s work the internationally acclaimed series Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones and other fictional works such as The Lord of the Rings are indeed extraordinary in the compelling ways they portray good and evil.

Truth be told, humanity has been caught in a colossal combat between good and evil since the serpent chatted up Eve. When we watch the battles wage on-screen, we can relate them to our own personal struggle: Who reigns supreme in our lives?

We won’t encounter orcs and don’t possess magical powers, but we all must bow to someone or something. The big question: Do we bow to Jesus—the only one who sits upon the throne?

Wisdom for the Anxious

Anxiety is a pervasive problem in today’s world. Amy Simpson, gifted author and life coach, knows this cycle all too well. Amy was raised in an unstable environment which caused tremendous confusion and anxiety. As an adult, Amy has faced her anxiety head-on and offers us hope with truth that sets us free.