Seizing Life’s Shocking Surprises with Help and Hope

My son Jon let out a yell. Chairs tumbled over, and his cell phone slid across the wood floor. By the time I reached Jon, the grand mal seizure had started.

Mom and Son
(Image from Pixabay)

Without warning, Jon’s body was suddenly bombarded by legions of electrical and chemical blasts that slammed him like tidal waves of shock.

Let’s all be clear here; I’m not the “stay-calm-during-a-seizure” sort of person. That’s like saying, “just stay calm” to passengers on an airplane as it suddenly takes a nose dive directly toward earth.

Not gonna happen.

I did what we who live in the most insanely unpredictable space of seizure disorders have somehow fashioned into our second nature:

Life Can Be Hard and Full Also

Most parents cringe when the school principal calls you for a meeting about your child. However, the school principal pales in comparison to being called by a prison inmate . . . who is also your child.

The last place we expect or desire our child or loved one to live out his or her days is in prison.

Jason Kent, son of Carol and Gene Kent, was a parent’s dream to raise. Everything Jason did, he did with excellence.

From graduating at the top of his class from the U.S. Naval Academy to marrying a beautiful woman, life for the Kent family was ideal. Until . . . something snapped and Jason was arrested, then sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

What You Must Do to Live Fearlessly

My husband’s work hours have been crazy due to the recent natural disasters. He was called into work every Sunday in October. I had just returned from a speaking engagement.

(Image by Samuel Foster on Unsplash)

I had yet to unpack . . . I was tired.

Church is often a struggle for me. It’s tragically amazing how creative my excuses can be for not going to church. (Notice I said “excuses” and not “reasons.”)

The Priceless Value of Shattered Things

It’s confession time: I have an addiction. It started years ago. Short on cash but high on creativity, secondhand stores and antique shops became my go-to spots for getting stuff.

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I figured someone’s trash could become my treasure, with the help of some power tools, paint, and my sewing machine. (Thanks to Pinterest and DIY Web sites, how-to videos are plentiful when I’m in a pinch.)

Over time, I’ve noticed a trend. A lot of great stuff gets tossed out because of a little chip or dent, a scratch here, a tear there. How quickly we tend to diminish an object’s value if there’s a slight imperfection. We want something . . .

Fearless Friendships: What You Must Remember

The offer was terrifying, but I couldn’t figure out why. My long-time friend told me years ago that I should meet her sister. Apparently, her sister and I have incredibly similar mannerisms and an outrageous sense of humor.

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On many occasions my friend has said she thinks her sister and I may have been separated at birth. This has been an ongoing discussion for 18 years.

Time Marches On

Now, a lot happens in 18 years. Think of where you were 18 years ago. Most, if not all, of us were in a totally different stage of life then.

Looking back over the last 18 years of friendship, my friend and I have experienced many life changes and challenges. Some years we’ve lived close enough to provide hands-on support.

Living Joyfully with Sorrow

Few things test our faith more than seeing our children suffer. Shortly after Tim Schultz left a financially secure position to enter full-time ministry, his and Jamie’s daughter, Anna, was born with life-threatening conditions. Now their lives are drastically different than expected, but enduring sorrow is combined with sovereign strength.