Where to Find Comfort When Disaster Strikes

Harvey. It hasn’t been a common name during my lifetime. Until now. Most of the country will remember the name Harvey and will relate it to one of our nation’s largest natural disasters.

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News outlets and social media run loops of countless scenes of devastation and loss. Homes filled with wonderful memories have been ripped apart, leaving millions without basic necessities.

I wept as I watched on TV small children being rescued from torrential rain and rising, rushing waters. Little innocent hands clinging to a single item . . .

Wisdom for the Anxious

Without question, anxiety is a pervasive problem in today’s world. We are bombarded with fear-laden messages of unrest and uncertainty, leading most of us to get all entangled with confusing, anxious thoughts.

Instead of taking things to the Lord and finding rest, we habitually ruminate over what we cannot control—which only makes things worse. Amy Simpson knows this cycle all too well.

Amy was raised in an unstable environment which caused tremendous confusion and anxiety. As an adult, Amy has faced her anxiety head-on and offers us all fantastic hope with truth that sets us free.

What to Remember When Your “Not-Best” Self Shows Up

I am not my best self in the morning. Sadly, this “not-best” version of myself must still carpool during morning rush hour traffic—a setup for the perfect storm.

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I lugged my “not-best” self into the car and noticed my son Jon’s anxiety was high. Anxiety is one of his most difficult challenges. He is rarely free of feeling worried or scared.

Before leaving the driveway, his questions started. Now, I’ve heard all these questions before and have answered them many times.

However, when a change comes or an upcoming event looms, the questions reflect Jon’s heightened anxiety, not an “Oh, that’s right; I forgot” response.

I tried to answer his questions with kindness, knowing my tone was vitally important to prevent his anxiety escalating. I tried to maintain my loving, understanding tone and employed coping skills to reduce his anxiety.

Change: The Road to Healing with Hope

Today I chose to take another route home after taking my son to school. Typically, I race straight home or to the office, directly to my desk and dive in to work.

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Today was different. I needed space—which is getting harder to come by in our town. I realized this as I navigated my way home, deciding to visit a few places that carry significant meaning for me.

I stopped by the place I first met my now-husband after vowing to never remarry. (Never say never!)

I drove under a canopy of trees shading the lake and fountain I used to sit by to clear my head, and I glanced up at the windows of Insight for Living Ministries’ former office building.

I finally turned the corner and saw where my daughter and son went to high school. She’s now married; he’s about to finish college.

Then, I drove by the neighborhood elementary school my son went to when he was 9; he’s now 20.

Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes

We moved to Frisco, Texas, ten years ago. In my neighborhood, there was . . .

God’s love transforms us, no matter the shape we’re in. Because of this, we can rest in God’s love despite our circumstances, whether we feel the abrasiveness of pain or the glow of celebration. We are His.

From Survival to Spectacular—Your Story Isn’t Finished

Based on the unpredictable and seemingly impossible commands the Lord has given His people, I don’t think He would have won any ancient popularity contests.

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The first book of our Bible, Genesis, contains accounts that, if we didn’t have the whole story, could make God seem more like a sinister bully than a sovereign Savior.

The people whose stories of faith are recorded in the Word had no idea what the whole story would be, yet they exhibited otherworldly trust.

Noah’s Nautical Carpentry

For example, only a couple chapters after the creation and fall accounts, we learn that humanity continued to make a mess of things. Yet God saw Noah,