When I’ve been at my weakest not my strongest–is when Jesus Christ has transformed my soul and given me freedom and rest regardless of life’s circumstances (1 Corinthians 1:27).

God’s love transforms us, no matter the shape we’re in. Because of this, we can rest in God’s love despite our circumstances, whether we feel the abrasiveness of pain or the glow of celebration. We are His.

Jesus, the great carpenter, has a blueprint in mind for each of us. He slices, sands, and whittles our lives in order to remove what isn’t needed for the job He has for you and for me.

God shows us we are valuable but not essential. He shows us we are strong but not sovereign. He shows us that dedication and commitment follow a heart surrendered to His will.

God shapes each person uniquely for a purpose we cannot see in the dark. A light is cast by others who bring hope when ours is gone. You can become that light for others–a light that might be life changing, life inspiring, and life filling.