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One thought on “Christ’s Life and Death Was Required

  1. Hello Colleen,
    There really is no way to begin to say this. The contractor left without completing the work, I continue have no bathroom to use for the three weeks he tore it out, tore out the black mold and began putting walls back and structure, and asked for this and that and demanded I pay him 1000. week and in full not partial or halves during the week. I was picking up on oddities. He does have dementia from a stroke, an older man maybe 70’s in age. I gave him that courtesy however COlleen when I had paid him in full before the work completed, going on fourth week , he began sitting back more and nothing was really accomplished this week, then he began complaining that he wished he could go back and re write the quote, not having reality that the delays were due to his arriving late, and the dementia not allowing his ability to plan, organize, or orchestrate the steps necessary, well when I said I have paid in full plus some add’ l costs he added that I really wasn’t responsible . I saw a pattern, and when that pattern was halted that I paid him in full, that I was not going to give him money for gas he complained not having, or add’ l monies of 600.00 and then nasty attitude and false claims that I paid him less than what I did. He began saying he was not going to do anymore until we go over what was paid. He had some issues beyond dementia of temper and for ex when I saw he was using a wet saw for tile in living room and water puddling on flooring I simply asked if we can put more plastic down, inside my head thinking that need be done outside. Well he went home to his daughter and said he was tired of my micromanaging and I took to the daughter and said I absolutely have a right to micromanage , to look at what is being done in my home, and question anything, and when she asked for photos of other damages and learned these details she said she was so sorry and apologized more than once so much that she had not realized the extent of details and that I reacted entirely accurately and she further mentioned he would not have acted this way or done these things like use another tile saw on my front porch and gauged and another spot of wood front porch cut a chunk out. and guest room he went through bathroom wall during demoltion and cut through ceiling and drywall on guest room side. She agreed this was unacceptable and I reacted as was appropriately. The contractor continued to obsess with money and he was supposed to come today and set toilet and he was focused on repairing guest room, when I tried to speak with him to say we need to focus on bathroom and tile is set incorrectly whether he did not level floor or just installed incorrectly and he began yelling and screaming at me that he is not taking up tile downgrading any error, yet four other professional tile experts stated this was done incorrectly, and he unloaded a temper on me, and without letting much of my words in, he said I am finished there, I am not coming back. He left with a tile floor that may or may just leave that has been set incorrectly, and not grouted ,a shower wall needing tile, all faucets need be placed on and vanity installed, no toilet and no shower. To say it was a hard day, I am still in shock and have cried off and on . although uplifting support came from some phone calls I made and received. I found a contractor from Angies list and it only had one listing for my zipcode and the owner of store had 5 star rating and all those who wrote reviews were outstanding and he called me back and was understanding and kind. He said he will send his worker out tues or Wednesday and he will look and price and if I ok with price he will begin and finish the work by Christmas . He said since he is going to be out after 19th for Christmas break, that he will have worker price independently not from his store to help me in cost. The worker did all the owners bathrooms and does all work, so he is highly recommended even by owner.
    This has been my primary distraction for three going on four weeks and amazing this attitude of no conscience I saw in this man , how he changed on me as soon ashe could not squeeze any more money from me and wasn’t supposed to because I already paid him in full.
    His daughter sided with him in end,consistent to her and her father personality like roller coasters ,nothing consistent . earlier correspondence she claimed she and her siblings are seeing same with father and he has other issues and she went so far saying he had monetary set backs. I saw her care for her father, yet not see that I am not responsible for his monetary issues. He wanted me to buy a tool he needed and it was so odd, he became so angry that it was not a set, and there are issues there that were interfering with his focus and organization, the dementia alone I think is being denied from what I saw this man is not capable of working alone.
    Well I did find some supportive people /contractors today, and another retired contractor even said he knows floor too is not done right and would come out to inspect and at least let me know what I have that has been done and to guide me to those that can help if I still have need next week. I know I have the other contractor that coming out tues or wed and I feel comfortable that is good shot at making this right, unfortunately I am going to be paying more than ever would have wanted .
    I am finally asking God to open the next door if he does not want me living in this house , and suddenly this bathroom and black mold found and torn out, and contractor dumps job for no more money here for him, and his own delays led him to be here too long. and then with knowing for certain of black mold, I am certain I have it beneath flooring in kitchen as black on edge of both sides of kitchen floor and in corners and on an outlet, so I contacted insurance co for this and waiting return call. I still know mold in other places and feel like this is such a mess for me and gone in debt over this house and just want at this point for it to end . that is why I began pryaing for Lord to open the next door if he does not want me here, because I need live differently. THe art therapy ended, the healing program has helped a lot and ongoing into this year and I did take part time work starting Monday ,some mornings at the law office of the lawyer who does my will and had helped me some , not with lawsuits, and I really look forward to this. THe team there is very sweet tender people who friendly and warm so I am doing basic office work for eight weeks while someone on maternity and it will be a little money to help me monthly. after that we will see what GOd has in mind. I know all is about to pop open it feels like in ways that will shift my life forward in big ways. so I have no idea what will happen with house at this time.
    I wish you a happy pre Christmas week, I have not even been able connect with Christmas with all this in my hands as time begins to blur all the days and it just next weekend now.
    May you be also enjoying the weather,most mild dry winter here and this is good. Enjoy your family and being able to enjoy the warmth and cozy lights and love that I know surround you always .
    With love
    Leesa I will update you when I can see how God working in this place,- my house.