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3 thoughts on “Your Circumstances May Not Change Immediately

  1. Hello Colleen
    How do you do that, what you share is so great. THank you for your personal quotes shared here. I was thinking of you and wanted to say Thank you for being so tender and being ever so real. Your encouragement and insight as always accumulates within me and continues to build me up to better communicate with our Lord and trust Him and His work. yesterday, as it was a total blur and I just did not see how my heart and spirit would be able get around it all , my sense has returned today. As you say are feelings are like the wind ,constant change and HIs truth will keep us grounded and flexible, something I am hanging onto for my own wisdom. I am thinking of you and keeping you and Jon too and your family in prayer. May you be well today. Thinking of you today, and I also thought of feather yesterday and saw two very large birds that were hit on side of road with feathers sticking up in wind blowing unstill. I was not sure about that ,but I am going to think of an item that God can communicate most clearly for me of His presence. My need is to be still each and every morning as I had started to do with music meditation and worship and prayer ,just me and God time. THis really helps me stay connected and see His presence everywhere. I also picked up a “trash picker upper” I had been thinking to do, as I went a month ago to dept of transportation and picked up bags so I can help surrounding streets that so much liter of cans and and plastic bottles on some of these rural roadways around my house, so I can do this in any weather and be doing something for God beauty of Mother Earth and our environment and me connecting to nature in positive way.
    THank you for these thoughts.
    Warmest regards and with Love

    • Sand,
      See, this is why I think you are so amazing. In the midst of your grief and struggles, you have the kindness to offer your time in picking up trash. And as I read that, I thought, in so many ways we often feel like trash and yet Christ comes along and picks us up. It’s a wonderful gift to give your community and I’m not surprised that it’s from you. So unselfish, so kind, so warm-hearted. The wind and feelings is a great metaphor for how much they change. And yes, our Lord is the one who keeps us anchored. It sounds like you are doing better today. You are a beautiful spirit, tender soul. May you be warmed in your heart in the days to come. Colleen

      • Hello Colleen, I enjoyed so much reading this post, you are my greatest encourager. My head was a bit foggy today but my spirit I had lifted. I am grateful for your kind and thoughtful expression of me, always like a breathe of fresh air for me to receive.
        I did find too a campsite available after mayo clinic to stay a little longer for beach and ocean in florida. I going to put up tent on a campground 1/2 mile from beach. safe friendly campsite that I am told regular customers that are kind people that stay there. I am surprisingly calm about this idea and believing this is going to be very good for me.
        THis evening some things changed again, my attorney wrote me a letter releasing me for termination of our agreement giving me only until April 2017 now to file with another attorney, it has to be because of statue of limitation. I am more hurt than anything with this. THey were not supportive of health issues with house , and although at first this summer the one attorney was agreeable for me to have mold testing, he then changed course of opinion I believe due to his partner perspective on case and they have not the time with other bigger cases than when in summer could have taken further. SO I am contacting attorneys to check for who will pick up my case before I leave in a few weeks, so I will be able leave more settled otherwise I really would not feel relaxed away but I have reservation now.
        I am going to respond more to your thoughts COlleen, I am simply crying right now with this news that just came in about my attorney backing out . I sensed this truly when he bought on his partner, there was something of disinterest and I sure wish people would be more upfront with honesty than to have dragged it out and me on such limited time now to file complaint. It saddens my heart and I will get beyond and you know what, God is going to provide someone better that probably will agree about health aspect of mold on my body and my mind with all the stress. SO it will be okay.
        You are the kindest person I know truly COlleen, THank you again for your dear sweet thoughtful heart and expressing these touching thoughts of me. and your wishes are so appreciated.
        WIth Love Sand