difficulties are actually for our good

Difficulties are actually for our good, but we get so angry over hardships, hurts, sorrows, grief, lost dreams, past betrayals, sick children, or chronic pain that we are blinded to the good work God is doing.

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2 thoughts on “difficulties are actually for our good

  1. Hello Colleen,
    what a day its been. It is a day I do wish that I had a Pastor to speak with. With my question that has surfaced from my interest of prayer and a friend sharing her wisdom, with the topic of speaking of salvation to others expressing interest of a relationship with Jesus, this I need insight about,and maybe can call Insight for Living as I know I have contacted Pastor in past to speak with when had question needed insight I was contacted by prayer ministry director and she had went to the President of prayer line and told her how terrific she believes I am and that she has strong sense I was led to them for a reason, so she spoke to President and without a reference I am being told the President stated that if I want to volunteer to let me . so she was all excited . I explained my thoughts of since it was a shift from morning to afternoon that I needed to sit with the Lord to be sure that is what and where He wants me, and I hope to hear His answer for me. Until then I am going to maybe connect with a Pastor to ask this question, is it biblical to ask someone requesting prayer for whatever it is he /she needs help, is it ok to ask if he /she has a personal relationship with Jesus and if they don’t, if they want to,and if do want to have that relationship to pray with them the salvation prayer if that is what he /she wants on prayer line. Until I am more certain, I will be waiting for God to guide me on this.
    IN the meantime, I went to my hair colorist/salon owner Church tonite,and yeaaaa I believe I found a Church Family! I am going to begin attending when I return home from visit of family in a few weeks time. It was a dinner and the speaker was incredible in sharing her testimony that was as real and true as when your Mom spoke openly of her journey and testimony on the CD I have. . So honest and I was taken by how well I “fit” into the goodness of hearts that were present at this ladies nite /dinner. My new friend hair colorist agreed God orchestrated my being there tonite with her, as she had an extra ticket because her daughter in laws suddenly had other appts/plans, and I happen to have hair apt Tuesday and Trish said oh I will ask me, and she agreed this gals testimony tonite was for me to hear. The gal sited so much scripture from a hard path where lost a child and spent so much money on fertility treatments,and could not get pregnant, and eventually God led them to adopt and they have two adopted beautiful children. She had hardship with being mad at first when did not understand all the effort of fertility and no baby, and she realized in end that the anger did not allow her to see the Blessing, that she asked God to know what it felt like to be pregnant and He did show her, even though she lost her baby, she still knows what it felt like being pregnant as what her pray was spoken to God. She learned exactly what this quote you have here posted, that “I know who You are God”. Eventually her anger lifted and she saw the Blessings that were no longer blinded,and the song someone sang at Church “I know Who You are” of God. Amazing story ,I make it not sound as passionate as this gal told it, as raw as she shared in her testimony. So when I return home I will attend .
    I told my friend I prayed all last weekend for a Church Family and she too said God definitely orchestrated all of this for me to be there and providing what I prayed for of Church Family. All were honest and open and genuine with me and wanted me to return.
    I just wanted to let you know as things are truly unfolding like a flower in Spring as you always promised I would see.
    I will keep you informed Colleen,
    WIth Love and Care

    • Sand,
      It does seem a little confusing about the prayer ministry and your answer was totally perfect…I need to sit with the Lord on this and see if this is really where He wants me. It’s always best to air on the side of restraint. If God has that place for you, there will always be an opening. If not, it’s best not to push.
      I love that you have found a new church home, some new friends perhaps, and what a great hair stylist! So thrilled for you, sweet friend.
      Yes, all through history and scripture we see those who follow the Lord through thick and thin are rewarded by Him. Not with money per say, but He promises to be good and faithful to those who love Him completely. Your devotion to the Lord is magnificent; He is opening doors that are filling you with joy and that brings a huge smile to my face. Please let me know how the visit with your family goes and how you are when you have time. All my care, Colleen