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2 thoughts on “During Time of Suffering

  1. Colleen,
    this is another quote that a friend is challenging me truth. I was disappointed in her surprising change of a pessimistic attitude, a Christian but letting her lenses be clouded by jealousy and perhaps her own pain, not to see the truth of her own issues , and directing them onto me , it is a curious situation.
    Thank you for your understanding truly how God works in our lives, “His ways are unlimited, incredible,beyond description” Colleen Swindoll Thompson. It builds us up not to bring each other down and I am learning others often will challenge this truth.
    He is always working for our greatest good in all ways no matter the challenges we face. This gal takes care of her mom and had done same for her dad and has not left the house for her own life and older now I believe she is fearful of her mom passing and what her own life will become and her mind not clear.and some jealousy of my life beginning to lift off ground. Happy for me yet I sensed her more focus on her longer Christian than I and lecturing to me ,and I praying on her boundaries with this. In turn,she will not hear my encouragement through her more of a self centered focus. I pray for those who think they know all and are in the midst of an issue of own that cannot see or hear the truth. I continue pray for God help with this.
    I am also getting to know my neighbors for the first time since living here, and it is opening more doors of my growth and socialization. I have made them aware of issues mentioned that to keep an eye out for me!
    WIth love and care

    • Lee,
      I just found this in my notes and am so sorry I didn’t get back to you. I fully understand your concerns you have brought up via phone message and respect your choice.
      So moving on from here, it’s wonderful to connect with you. How are you?
      As you will find in your own growth, many you have known will not ‘understand’ or ‘accept’ the new you…the you are becoming because they have chosen not to grow themselves. I’m so sorry if it’s brought you pain…but I affirm your moving ahead with confidence. That is so cool!
      It’s also a fabulous sign of growth to hear you are reaching out. I am thrilled you have neighbors who care and will be part of your “new” team in life.
      May God bless you today and be near to you, comforting you and continuing to show you His direction and wisdom.
      Much love and care, Colleen