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2 thoughts on “With empty hands and broken hearts

  1. Hello Colleen
    The other issue I am having that I continue pray how to handle is with a brother who continuously seeking complements for taking care my fathers grave. I have continued try to make him aware that it is appreciated by God as a commandment he is honoring they mother and father. Over thanksgiving he has texted me three photos of a grave blanket and now something else he manicured. I am a spiritual person and as a grave is physical and beautiful to take care of , I am having an issue this weekend when he continued text me images of a gravestone. I sometimes do not respond because it is derpervissie he need know he is important. What else I can I do other than point him in direction of the Lord. He is obviously stuck on his deeds and this gravestone. I am about to text him that anything he does or thinks is between him and the lord and does not need continue text gravestone to me and what he has done there. I honestly am having difficulty with understanding other than Satan is working through those he knows will stimulate anger and that is what I need give to God. I am open to any way I can stop this text ft continuing ? What is it I can say or do I need keep praying and let God take and just put up with wjatvis making me very uncomfortable during my space of peace
    I do believe it is Satan poking at me. This brother had contact with the old friend months back and I explained how he was staking me and that i needed contact police. It took him time to listen to me and I believe Satan in that person has passed on this to create disharmony for me I really believe this a Satan spy at work
    Thank you
    Love Leesa

    • Oh Leesa,
      I’m so so sorry for not replying sooner! Yes, life has been busy but I’m so thankful you continue to stay in touch.
      I have to say, had God removed the horrible circumstances and pain you have endured, you would not have met these wonderful, new friends. It’s such a difficult balance…praying for His will then having to wait FOREVER (from our human view) for His answer. How absolutely miraculous to find these new friends are positive, encouraging, and full of desires to support your needs. Never forget, you are ministering to them as well.
      PLEASE do keep me posted on the latest with this all. And may I just say, I have so much admiration for your continued perseverance!!!! Romans 5:1-5…these are your verses for sure. All my love, Colleen