Even in suffering, there is hope if we choose to depend on Christ and place our lives in His sovereign care. But we cannot do it alone; we must support one another.

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2 thoughts on “Even in suffering there is hope

  1. Hello Colleen,
    who you are, truly from your supportive care of me, insight, wisdom with grace mean the world to me. I often think what absence will be when the day comes and maybe God has left your imprint on this page and your work although we not longer have you , not a morbid thought but a realistic one! You are so very loved!
    I thank you for Peace of HIs word and wishes.
    I am doing great. so much I wish to share with you.
    I am having one issue with a friend who using her own beliefs of how God speaking through her and pushing her understandings on me a little too aggressively, it is my insight that I can see it is from an insecure immature space of her own. She may be a Christian longer than I ,although she is not able to see outside her own mind and small world that it is about her more than God speaking through her as she believes .For ex., she becomes over focused and pushy about my believing that God provides better in all, even in uncomfortable circumstances/experiences and trials, and she argued with me to want me to see her way from Scripture she claims that she totally misunderstood that I do believe it is for His glory. Communication became so broken down. I was disappointed also for she did not see who I am and all that I have undergone with trials my entire life and His recently opening up so many doors for me,only you truly saw me go through what I have and not taken my focus off our Lord in any trial,and learn the greatest of Trust and belief and know always He has a plan to do better,yes for His glory.
    It may seem confusing but I wanted to share as we do need each others support and in an encouraging loving way as you post your quote here. From my healing I have a more keen eye and learning that I do now and asking the Lord how to manage in these types communication challenges, having learned healthful boundaries and knowing how God may be using me, so asking Him what he would have me do or say. I have a trauma program that I have had second visit of six months that I am so excited about and it is going to be working through all of these communication hurdles, so excited and all God work to bring me to this Free program because the program is by a Grant .
    With care and love

  2. Thank you for your incredible insight and wisdom with incredible grace in regard to prayer work. I am grateful. It is something that I will look at in the future as I gain greater ground in my Christian life. I have another door that opened, a gal that helped me last winter with insight of forgiveness being part of digestive issues and aggravated liver, liver being fully well upon medical exam, with this gal spiritual diagnosis coaching all flowed forward letting go in forgiveness. My trust of and in God overcame me. This gal offered and enrolled me in a Free Earth medicine training that she has just been rolling out and offering to all her clients. It has a cost of 1800. and she is offering free of cost and just asking all to provide honest feedback in end of training. God answered a prayer I have put out to HIm with this, and this is the training He has provided. I have been asking where and how he will have me serve and if any training to show me what and How. Incredible .and only God knows where leading me.
    Thank you again for incredible insight, wisdom,grace and fantastic encouragement my friend.
    With loving care,