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2 thoughts on “Follow God’s direction as outlined

  1. Hello Colleen
    I had such fulfillment with new Church Pastor sermon yesterday. The theme of what has been my greatest healing, forgiveness. This is Church a month back I was invited by someone close to me ,to go for a ladies night testimonial. That testimonial was amazing honesty and vulnerability reciting what this gal had endured and all scripture that was on her journey noted, along way and how she came to be saved through a dark time.

    My friend had an extra ticket, her daughter in law could not attend, so she offered to me, and we both agreed after hearing this testimonial how our Lord so placed me there with her specifically to hear someone else having a trial and what and how she endured and ultimately being saved, accepting our Lord and how her life then filled with His amazing grace of Spring with the entire Church building filled with genuine care, love,empathy and compassion without judgement accepted this gals truth openly and honestly set out amongst so many with great emotion.It was very much like your mom testimonial that she shared on cd I have. I was Blessed to be led by our Lord’s direction

    The sermon yesterday validated where I have been, ,what a true sense of wow confirmation,and gratitude for this,of what steps I truly have gone through to get to the beginning foundation of my Christian faith in the now, and much of the healing that took place ever so clear of His direction ,that of true faith, confession, Prayer,repentance, sorrow that the Pastor outlined in Psalm 51 as part of the bible reading in Church sermon. then leading us to Romans 12 1-2 —– amazing when the Pastor said open your bibles to the middle, I simply opened bible and when he said what Psalm 51 to go to, my bible opened exactly to this page! so cool.

    I realized how much of this pathway I lived through beside Jesus and I am forever Blessed and Grateful to have heard HIs calling and to have absolutely Listened to follow and to truly see and know HIm along way and right before me in present,and with complete clarity of what has been my story of being saved. As I recall each step of the way, I ask in amazement how could I ever have been afraid! and I have learned what His Love is, His love for me in great way knowing everything and all about me and all,as He designed all of us and I can see and know now Love by His teaching and examples He set before me how to.

    There was direction leading to you and your blog otherwise much removed for a time to have the time alone with HIm. The most amazing to me this pathway has been. Christ has been the greatest impact and greatest Love and LIght. I am grateful for who He set before me on Earth to bring His truth by His direction for my greatest good ,showing me this genuine caring unconditional love existed on Earth even amongst us all as sinners, through you and your blog you shined so much of His imitation;, having your incredible and tremendous wisdom,Christ truth,insight with details and discussion of scripture that you shared of bible verse and overall biblical context with biblical character trials that endured hard times,how time is so not of earth time when waiting, unwaivering genuine caring unconditional concern with loving encouragement and all the biblical scripture to absolutely lift me up!!!! and help me along this “change of mind to change of action” being saved.

    I am so very Blessed to truly understand this truth and to see and know this amazing truth of scripture ,to be so sculpted by Christ and to have made so many truly great changes!!!!, I am so grateful, the Lord hands opening many doors ,

    With care and love

    • Sand,
      I am so very delighted to read your note today!!! I did receive your phone calls but wasn’t able to return them as I just had surgery. All is well but I needed to stay down for a bit. I understand your concern and will honor however you wish to write. You are wise for taking steps to care for you…that is a huge growth area you have worked on…self-care! It’s hard to do that when others have left us with the message that we don’t matter; why care for what doesn’t matter, right. However, that message is directly opposed to God’s message of love, value, meaning, and purpose. He has and is using you in a huge, purposeful way in so many lives, it’s simply wonderful to watch. I’m thrilled the church met your need and filled your heart. I don’t honestly know how people live without Christ or his truth! It’s essential! You are radiating His glory, His peace, His grace in so many ways-thank you for allowing me to walk this journey with you! Colleen