God shows us we are valuable but not essential. He shows us we are strong but not sovereign. He shows us that dedication and commitment follow a heart surrendered to His will.

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8 thoughts on “God shows us we are valuable but not essential

  1. Hello Colleen,
    Thank you for your beautiful insight through your quote here. So true. to understand I believe brings one to be humble and without taking for Granted all God does provide in a moment of time on Earth.
    I am sorry it is taking me longer to respond to some other thoughts expressed last week. Taking a certification course that was offered at no charge to me, a holistic coaching certification, I have begun lessons and practicing on myself and then through the online resource I chose names on a practice client list, most are students of same certification so we practice with each other each lesson. It is a real deal certification course. I was praying to God for a few months what to do and HOW was the biggest question, if I needed training How. And there this was before me an 1800.00 class for free. This gal helped me in past with spiritual diagnosis and healing, and she has opened a school for Holistic Healing Arts, and I was one of those that has continued stay in touch with her following what she doing and vice versa. There are others also that have kept friendship also so she is opening this school this fall officially and has offered to me and others to kind of test run and give her feedback. It is an amazing way to help me too grow beyond in some deeper ways emotionally and spiritually through the practice of lessons of self and then stepping forward beyond any blockages within, and overall this is very healing .
    and all this that I working through with house, another healing program free for development further too.
    I will come back to reply to the other thoughts that I want to read again and be able to focus with response.
    In meantime the reason I came on today was because you are going to not believe this. At Church today my Pastor quoted your DAD, Chuck Swindoll! Just before he read quote during sermon, He said to another childrens director, he stated, like the Director we love Chuck Swindoll, he said with a great smile. My Pastor then read one of his quotes as example of my Pastor multiple scripture readings that related and reflected to the lesson of deadly sin 6 , laziness. Each sermon members are able to take a cd available at Church if we want one, and I have one of this sermon and am going to mail it to you! I thought wow that is something. Just shows I am so in the right place at my new Church. Great hearts minds are attracted and reflect Great hearts and minds. So when you receive a cd in mail it is just beyond some of the chorus music and singing where sermon begins and it is for you to enjoy and share with your dad that this small town Church Pastor and Childrens Ministry director love your Dad, his ministry message with quote offered from one of his own biblical teachings. Our amazing Lord has guided your Dad to touch so many,today here in this small town Church,, as he uses his gifts provided to speak and teach so truthfully of His word with great passion
    Enjoy your SUnday, and I will look forward to connecting this week
    WIth loving care

    • Lee,
      How cool is that! It seems like God is showing up in so many places in your life right now; I’m so excited!!!!
      I can’t wait to hear the cd, it’s amazing how the Lord has led you all this way and now is fulfilling His great promise to shower you with abundance.
      So many think that is some kind of physical abundance…tangible, earthly. However, His abundance fills us…our souls which is what we long for the most.
      I thank the Lord He has allowed me to be part of your life and continued journey. Colleen

  2. Leesa,
    Our address has changed so why don’t you send it directly to Insight for Living. Their postal info is on the web site…just write Attn: Colleen Swindoll-Thompson.
    Your church sounds fantastic…I am most excited to see where it takes you! You are precious and it’s wonderful to have you in my life as well. Colleen

    • Hello Colleen,
      I can just see a little book of your quotes that you share on your blog! I just love them! todays I have read, just beautiful truths of following Christ.
      I looked on Insight for Living Ministries and I see it is the same address that I have had, I want to be sure it is, I have PO box 5000 Frisco Texas 75034
      Thank you for your encouragement with my new Church, I truly believe that you are going to find the cd’s most enjoyable. just knowing you and even on your “about you” page, how you are a creative investigator of faith. I always remember how you shared you had all books open on floor doing biblical research into all hours of evening. the one cd tells us to go home and google what Pastor has in sermon and research and check it out for ourselves ,encouraging us to read the bible as a book,and to not passively read with no understanding but to truly learn what it is saying, that is only one aspect of my new Pastor. Thank you for being excited for me. I too treasure our connection and find it to be wonderful having you in my life too.
      I have something that I am in awe about today, and I am going to take a copy of this “homework”, my very first homework from the other program that our amazing Lord has provided at no charge to me, it is a granted program, I have mentioned to you previously, it is for sexual trauma. It is a 6 month program . I am amazed Colleen, how many years I have paid for therapy, therapies plural outside counseling and this one program free is so well designed for healing, and it I cannot begin to tell you how over the top thrilled I am to be led by God to this program and to be now actively in my second month. We have just gotten to homework, so officially have gotten beyond the introduction. It is something that I have needed for very long time, this homework has identified in reaching. It has also just come up in my other certification program that I am taking again God has provided to me at no charge . It has to do with blocks from trauma. I would rather mail to you what I have in hand if you are interested I can send along with the cd’s. It may be something you are already familiar , or maybe it will be incredibly enlightening. It has to do with a homework lesson that has diagrams of how each type of block exists from trauma(stuck and confirmed stuck) which I identify too well and this being the very first homework, really both this program and the certification program really directly working through this most vital and very very long waited piece to have come to me with the lessons directly helping this deep issue that all the rest seemed to just go around it. This trauma program first assignment is to journal to specific outlined questions related to and around the 5 ways trauma impacted me. safety, trust, power/control, esteem, intimacy. I am aware that with your educational and developmental training that this may be what you are already aware. I know you have tremendous insight from education and experience for helping your son and your family too, as have helped me too so much with so many of these areas and with understanding and wisdom. The actual diagrams maybe will be new information? I will gladly send off if you would like me to.
      I will be sharing and glad with you to see where God is leading me with my new Church , with all these areas as a whole building my new life and faith.
      I will say again, I so love todays quote! for how I am building in this way, and the programs strengthen me at the “seat of my passions” if it is my correct understanding ,to be eager to please our Lord and to be able serve in the ways that will keep this promise ,what only He knows He has designed for me and crafted me for His glory ,He made me and He is opening the doors where I believe this pathway for me is coming true to “action” ,to live passionately in action in all that I do and serve for our Lord.
      WIth loving care

      • Leesa,
        Oh my gosh….this is more and more exciting every day! God is blessing you abundantly; to have such a great program that will change you in so many ways at no charge is nearly unheard of. Yes, I would be honored to have a copy of anything you send. The address is correct, whatever you send I will open with great anticipation.
        I pray your Sunday went well and you are rested and refreshed for the week ahead.
        Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity! Colleen

        • Hello Colleen,
          Yes this is so much incredible ways God has been delivering blossoms of His Love to me, for who He designed me to be, He could not see me sit without clearing the obstacle I believe, what keeping me from all He wanted me to be in this life . That is my sight of this, although I know I have all along even during enduring done exactly what He took me through to see and know Him closely in relationship,and for my very salvation . ALso my need to grow and not having the finances to support the programs I truly needed like this, and it being provided free all along what I needed for this growth to come.
          What a journey honestly. I am so Blessed to have your friendship that so gets who I am and to see that you have been my one true and genuine friend is tremendous of God to have provided during my journey, and to get to know you too and your experiences and growth, and how so much does parallel in ways God has created you and your true and genuine quests of who He made of you to be.
          I will take copies tomorrow and get this package out to you of materials of healthful goodness that I am ever so happy can touch your life journey as well .It is in our genuine encouragement of each other that brings such joy. His genuine caring love shines in His very work of our connection . I am happy to share the good as it may be that extra something that God intends deliver through me,. that you will embrace this material as much is as well cherished as these avenues of where we help each other and even another with only the best and greatest intention of kindness. THank you for your kind thoughts of me as well.
          Colleen, there is one thing I wanted to say was that I remembered the counselor saying there were two forms or worksheets, that this one I am sending along to you was for adults that had sexual trauma. The other one she said is for children that have as I have had sexual trauma, although she will probably use both with me, I have not yet received the child worksheet. Just wanted to bring this awareness to you . The adult one seemed to be where counselor thought good place for us to begin this work,and then introduce child worksheet after, kind of where she believed I am in adult life. I will for sure share the worksheet that comes to me for children when it is introduced to me ok.
          I did have you in thought of you after sunday school yesterday morning before Church and after Church . During Sunday School as it is required as member to attend Bible study of choice from group of classes, and a Deacon teaches this one class I attend, and it was the scripture Psalm 51:1:17 “The Confession” , Explore the Bible Personal Study Guide, Psalms Summer 2017 Robert Smith Jr,General Editor, Lifeway Adults.
          There are no coincidences , how all overlaps these days is incredible journey to have and so refreshing yes. Part of the conversation that we all exchanged was wonderful fellowship. and one comment that which was from Psalm 66:18 that the Deacon elaborated that when we are not aligned with God the door of fellowship closes. This is my recall and how I remember he said this, so it may be slightly differenbt but what had an impact on me from the Christian woman I mentioned freidnship and how her jealousy and actions that were not of the self reflection these psalms reflects upon how fellowship that I had shared with this gal needed end for the now, so essentially I saw the door close for her actions with regard to not being aligned with God and to not recognize her own sin in her actionswith speaking to me as she had. We talked so much about not being the judge of others as in the salvation prayer, yet our awareness as a group that what our Pastor has spoken in sermons consistently that what is a lot to do with the individual not knowing what the meaning is or what to do next, so we all disciples to help along with education ,and also we all as group are able to recognize who shines in actions that we see is aligned with God and understands the steps to salvation. It was pretty awesome to share. Many members who came up to me afterwards to welcome me to group and and Church that maybe had not yet gotten to welcome me yet,and we connected in a genuine way that we do Love and want to give all our Hearts to Christ,and to do all to please HIm and His word.
          The actual sermon yesterday was equally as refreshing and yes carries me into this week in a great way forward. It was Jeriamiah 29 and how we are all in exhile . That which only I believe a handful of us truly know this meaning, that which we endured and learned to TRUST and Have that Faith, as I have learned through my trails and challenges what this truly means. We are here for that ultimate purpose of serving our Lord and in ways that may not make any sense to us, but to have the Faith and TRUST that I have learned to know is an incredible Faith to know.
          Thank you for encouraging and thinking of me for this Sunday that I am delighted to come and share with you.
          Many Blessings today Colleen and for this week I pray for you and your family.
          I have my next apt apt with Sexual Trauma services to go over this incredible information and knowing I still have much more unaware of yet that is to come in this 6 month program, probably another 4 months . The counselor is incredible , although she treats all regardless of religion, she encourages me and finds my mention that all changed with my salvation as such a great and wonderful thing to hear for her that this has helped me so much. The program is very specific to sexual trauma, although treats military PTSD. The counselors are all trained as this being their specialty and the focus in program. For ex I have multiple different traumas, so we may touch on these inititially or if something came up but ultimately we focus on what is related to the sexual trauma. Wow. It a lot of information. It is truly God’s Blessing for me to have come across this past winter end into Spring beginning ,a poster of a walk within the city limits on sexual trauma, and men wear “heels” yes womans heels to acknowledge what it feels like to walk in her shoes. Although the message extends to males of all ages who have been sexually abused. So it is open to all sexes. It was incredible for me to see so many men walking in heels. If you look up the website , there facebook, I do not belong but incrdbile support from community and all that come out for all the events and for this very amazing free healing PTSD program, it is said by my Psychologist to be very well thought out and created . I truly had a need and by seeing a sign for this walk in a store window and to have walked and learned about the free crisis management and 6 month counseling for PTSD was God ‘s work completetly.
          Thank you for all your encouragement. I look forward to hearing how you enjoy the cd’s from Church and the copies of material that this trauma program provided me that can be encouraging or additional in building insight and wisdom that can truly help rebuild and manage the best we can with what we know.
          WIth loving care

          • Leesa,
            The passage in Jeremiah is so powerful! Coming from a prophet who preached for 40-45 years without one conversion tells me he knew a lot about being in “exile”. How the Bible relates to us today just as it did thousands of years ago is amazing, isn’t it! We still are in “exile”; in a suffering, lost world that keeps trying to find comfort in the here and now rather than in our eternal hope and home. Yes, that is so helpful to carry into this week; I’m thrilled to hear a smile on your face as you wrote your kind words. What I believe you are experiencing is God’s providential hand showering you with His abundance of presence, peace, hope, and joy after a long season of pain. Those who endure those ‘winter’ seasons find the scent of spring so, so refreshing and full of purpose. I’m thinking of Romans 5:1-5 where Paul writes of the fruits of enduring. It is our character being formed into God’s design which, when it’s happening, is hard to understand. However, listen to The New Living Translation: “Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us. Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory. We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.”
            I rejoice with you as you are finding confidence and a strength of character you have never enjoyed before. Yeah Jesus! Have a great afternoon. Colleen

          • Hello Colleen,
            I have grown to know and find great comfort in Jeremiah 29 with my fresh new eyes of understanding through this lesson. It is amazing how all does and will always apply from ancient times that I can truly see and know this now . I understand only from those like yourself that know so well the Bible and have studied in seminary or some school of ministry ,I learned this recently t in the now, that what is amazing too is that there are multiple authors of the BIble that all wrote of the same teachings and when looked at in evaluation that it is quite remarkably accurate of Christ Jesus coming through all of them in the writings. I know I still am so young in Christian faith that I can also see why I need grow in so many ways. In the meantime I do celebrate what you have so accurately described throughout your thoughts expressed. The first time and that you have walked this cycle of growth with me to see this development from Gods hands is also amazing to me. . I love how Paul , a prophet ,wrote so clearly with what I would not have so much understood a few years ago as well as presently. and truly now can say I know this meaning from a place deep within, all of what Paul writes here in Romans 5:1-5,” beautiful scripture to know so well to site for me its accurate timing of exactly where I have come to, and I now can relate to its each word and phrases of verse as not before.
            .I continue to pray for fruits to come that will continue to fulfill and build the Holy Spirit. I do need to find another bible that really will highlight as teaching each Chapter. I believe this does exist and will look into this as new teaching Bible for me.
            THank you for sharing your thoughts of encouragement and excitement and with me both verse and insight of how faith been Gods will for me, how He has taken me to this next level of true confidence and strength of character from a what was truly by His miraculous planning, what was not the 40 -45 yrs of exile as I was provided differently during those years until greatest of hardship hit with His calling strongly over probably past 4- 5 years that you have been witness I can see there is a lifetime of exhile as an entire life and how makes so much sense now of how we best be equipped with what I can now say I could never live without and not knowing how I lived those years without true foundation of Faith of God and His word. Having been without this identity and foundation and all that came from internal suffering pain,and not having had this full faith of our Lord until only after age of 50. It is amazing how it was so many years beforeI could hear for certain His callingand began listening over time clearly the path He chose for me. I had persevered without truly knowing the facts of this process which is very interesting to me.
            With your having shared Paul’s writing of the book of Romans, I remembered how I came to some of the thoughts of you that I mentioned earlier correspondence, for wanting to share the excitement of my learning Jeremiah, and full truth of His word but also it was your love for the book of Romans, that of your favorite book I recall whenever I hear any book of Romans in sermon or teachings , for what I thought I recall your saying about Romans being your favorite book of Bible. It was this SUnday the verse of Romans 2:15 which is interesting you bring Paul writings to me today. This verse also amazing of how it is written that all humans have the internal compass of what is morally right or wrong. . I know we both have spoken of the holistic spiritual diagnosis and how physically we find emotional pain and suffering may carry underlying physical pain and suffering .This also says so much about what our bodies know Internally without even our recognition yet of the Bible and His word I did have some internal compass of knowing too His truth by what perseverance of faith I had over years, certainly not the freedom I have experienced in the present, as you have outlined here yet it is so planned by God to bring about this development of confidence and strength of character, and the incredibletruth of His being internal to my knowing something to have persevered , to know this and the format of His calling and picking me up to meet Him,, see and know HIm and HIs word in today is spectacular to see how remarkable our Lord is. even if I truly did not have salvation yet to understand what I was holding onto to persevere, there was something He always presented to bring me back to believe there was something more, even if I had not known fully where He was leading me, it was part of this written deep withn my heart for a long time,
            Among many other biblical verses from this SUnday Bible study of Psalm 51:1:17 was also mention of Romans 8:1.. . I thought of you for this being your favorite books of the Bible, as I recalled
            I am so young still that I am not even sure what David would be in scripture, and how many prophets, disciples? and if same. I will google too for my learning . I do value your truly knowing His word as you do so well,and understand its meaning fully. I thought of you also as you listen to cd’s and Biblical programs in car and at home, and my Deacon at Church mentioned how he does this . I had began to listen to His Radio,they have live programs, and have heard your Dad ministry as well during riding in my car, and there is so much we can do to be well versed and keeping our hearts aligned with Christ.
            Thank you for greatest of encouragement always! It is always my pleasure to connect with you. I always grow with each and every correspondence, grateful to be able digest His words with you in a new sense of my being present.
            Have a delightful afternoon and evening with your family.
            With loving care,