God’s love transforms us, no matter the shape we’re in. Because of this, we can rest in God’s love despite our circumstances, whether we feel the abrasiveness of pain or the glow of celebration. We are His.

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2 thoughts on “God’s love transforms us, no matter the shape we’re in

  1. Hello Colleen,
    I had been out of town again for a week, it was my moms birthday last Saturday. I have a lot to catch up reading on your blog, specifically the terrible lacking a conscience of children trafficking and forward to date your blog posts. I saw the movie of course cannot recall right now, but fairly new movie based on true story of little boy from India who truly escaped being truly a victim of horrible system out there. He was lost on a train and ended up without any family on streets until adopted and later was able to track where his family was and reunited with his mother. There is horror out there in this way. I am sure you will know this movie based on true story .
    I thought of you at Church again this morning, and with Hurricane Harvey coming to Texas with stationing there and staying there. I have been praying you were ok and for the people of Texas and its towns and cities touched by this Hurricane.
    My Pastor is so wonderful. I have a copy of the tape from last SUnday with my not being there. He speaks of his favorite book, favorite letter to Romans, the book of Romans. He speaks of Romans 8. I always think of you knowing how much you also love Romans, Paul’s letter to Romans.
    I have so much to read and share. I wanted to write today to say hello and let you know that I had been thinking of you . This week I intend to catch up .
    One thing I want to share is in the northern suburb where I was, outside NYC where the news is from NYC ,I was offended that the news cast person showed a large old trailer /camper or some type billboard on private property, it said the beautiful “I Love God ” with a red heart painted on it. What I was offended was the terse and negative tone of the news media person, who stated what it said with negative derogatory tone emphasized on God. I was shocked, his tone was one of not believing and as if God was of no authority, the disrespect and personal type of vendetta was unprofessional, and honestly deadly from his tone. There was one person interviewed who said it was beautiful to see from roadway, and then the news cast person stated it was “inappropriate”. As I arrived back into the Carolinas, I knew I was back to where I belonged, each billboard having Love Jesus, and scripture and what fools believe ,etc. Then yesterday In a Lowes parking lot a truck had on back window, “Jesus in large letters with the middle S being the symbol of super man, and below Jesus, saying The power is found in HIs name right there”
    I left the owner a note of thanks for his courage to have that for Jesus. At Church I shared this experience and there were surprising stories of others too,and concern for the rest of the nation and world,and how Christians we may be needing hide at some point to be able to pray in group. We need to pray a lot.
    I will share more this week, Have a really good Sunday, and thank you for your quote. I would have benefited from this wisdom through your quote here today. I felt unusually over heated by humidity and high heat driving north,and I had some tension headaches and on way up I had experienced so much aggressive drivers around me, and it took me many days to unwind afterwards. At the party I was not truly comfortable in my own skin so was not as relaxed as I would have wanted. I was finally unwinding by Wednesday and then leaving Friday to be back home. I was so happy to return and I believe God showed me that this is my Home and that we do need to pray for people of our nation and our World, and for Christianity. I have wanted something on my license plate to spread His word and HIm, yet have never come up to anything that will be received as better wisdom?
    At least not yet.
    Have a great Sunday Colleen
    WIth love and care,

    • Leesa,
      It’s so good to hear from you. Thanks for praying; my reply is delayed as I’ve been recovering from surgery. Thank you as well for your prayers during this devastation in Houston. We are five or so hours north so it hasn’t “hit” us directly. My husband works for the Federal government, providing disaster relief for victims; the needs are truly overwhelming. Please keep praying as he begins to work massive overtime hours and for those in need of so much. The timing of this couldn’t be better!
      In regards to the NYC signage and comments…I’m saddened but not at all surprised. I just wrote another friend on the blog saying I read Matthew 5:11-16 yesterday. It tells us that we, as Christians WILL BE persecuted and treated with all kinds of evil acts…not “just in case”, or “if you happen to be” treated poorly. Also remember I Peter 1:3-9… encouraging words to Christians scattered throughout the world, facing trials of all kinds. Notice he calls us to GREATLY rejoice in the midst of suffering because our trials, if we allow the Lord to work in us, are part of transforming our lives into the likeness of Christ. An example of how our response should be is found in Isaiah 53. The prophet tells us how the Lord suffered and yet, never responded with hostility to those who persecuted him. That will take a life time for me to live out, honestly; but the more I respond out of Christ’s love, He provides a peace and reassurance of his presence in my heart.
      And finally, yes, ROMANS….I LOVE that book. Romans 8 is such a wonderful passage, ending with the grand reminder of God’s profound, unconditional love and protection over us, His children. I look forward to hearing more; take care of your health. It’s been a huge year of growth for you and it makes perfect sense that traveling would be exhausting. Never forget how you are treasured by me and by our heavenly father. Blessings, Colleen