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6 thoughts on “Painful events, shocking discoveries

  1. Hello Colleen,
    I had just arrived back home. I do not see the postings I sent this morning here, I am hoping that you have received. I have had a most exhausting yet one of the better days in awhile. I am so thrilled to have met an attorney who it was magical, all God provided, it was as if I could feel your prayer and others prayer as a wave of goodness just seemed overflow as if God picked me up from his own hand to keep me out of the muck and all flowed so well today. The attorney I am hopeful will be the one to help me. I wish to ask if you can pray for “Charlie” the attorney I met with , he never asked how much money I had and had some very good ideas of how he can help. He even ‘ provided me’ with a contracter name to contact and this was first, my previous attorney had me sweat it all out for months trying to obtain an estimate as you recall my struggle. Well here I have a name and will do this and then Charlie will revisit with me and even send out one other person he would want come out. He offered what would be best way to not have a lot of time and money in costs upfront so I am not giving much of money for contingency and not have enough left for all repairs. He was by far the most kind and thorough, he gave me attention as if he understood where my feet have traveled and he was so clear and even paid attention to dates of reports in sequence and he was straightforward yet resepectful of me which I so greatly appreciated. He did not have an ego so big and he was not focused on money . He I really will pray for this being who God has chosen to help me and settle all .
    Thank you for your continued pray for me and if can include a mention for Charlie to be the one to help me on contingency if this is what I believe God sent him to help. I will let you know how this works through.
    WIth Love

  2. Hello Colleen,
    I had to come back and say that I am so grateful. Each and every day after my Christian meditation of stillness and dialogue with God ,worship and prayer and praise and embrace I come to a space I wish to Bask in His Love all day each and every moment, and I see that all His Love will eventually overcome all Evil. I wanted to share that this morning the old gardener that comes help me with yard is tilling more area for me for a garden and I feel so very Blessed to have his generous handy work to help me out. It costs me very little as he never charged me full amount for the time he puts in here, it is a mere 30.00. I am so very Grateful. These are the moments that bring me glimpse of His provision in my care here at my house, it seems that all is clicking into place for me to have vegetable and herb and blueberry gardens on my property, and that my property God is providing to be useful for foods and harvest. I am so Grateful for this helper today and that I am being providing when there are areas that have challenged me ,and that there will even be Blessings in these challengels, as I learned yesterday to pray also for thanking God for these challenges and asking Him to show me how I can apply myself for His highest good and be used in each and every situation. So I just wanted to share that This is the Spirit of God today at work for me, and If I can ask pray to keep my mind settled and peaceful and calm and not worry because of these very moments God is so present in all of this.
    Many Blessings for you are wished today and I do THank God every day for you Colleen, I am always filled with gratitude for your loving care of me and so many others, including Jon and your family, You are so Loved. .
    WIth Love

  3. Hello Colleen, a good morning wished for you today. I wanted let you know I realized the link you offered so kindly was a link I began my search a few years back, then with the recent attorney termination letter I was driving home from florida and there was a billboard with Avvo.com , I believe that is the spelling . It is another site and I began searching this way, as well as from each attorney I visited that could not or would not take case ,they would refer me to others of do good type attorneys, I have another meeting this afternoon and so hopeful that the attorney I mentioned last week I spoke with and he wanting to come up with a way to help me, I am to telephone him tomorrow to see his decision.
    In meantime I had a temporary hurt of my very spirit Saturday afternoon. I was in a good space spiritually after my music meditiation and just having hope with this attorney possibly taking interest to “want” to help me and really contemplate how he can feasible do so with my not having funds to pay the attorneys upfront. I went to mailbox and the letter of complaint that I mailed to the Supreme COurt of LEgal Conduct was denied as they wrote to me that there is not enough evidence that my previous attorney was negligent in a code of Ethic of communication. I was appalled really that he would not even have a warning to not act in such a “unethical ” manner leaving me stranded without informing me ahead and just with 4 months prior to my statute of limitation and all that regarding how he did me so wrong in harming my case and me technically . Letter stated that it is poor judgement or not being of fairness although not “unethical ” to the rule of communication . The letter did say I can appeal to a “legal panel” which I have already drafted a letter to do so. I have prayed so strongly this morning that I give it to God and let this go so he is to be the judge. I did pray that he please punish this individual and at same time I prayed to ask that this attorney be given clear image of how negative his behavior was and perhaps an experience that will give him great insight on how hurtful and damaging his actions have been to someone so much smaller than one in his status. That is what I will include in my letter for appeal to the legal panel, that if this is not unethical then their system is very broken, and that it be looked at carefully for they are enabling attorneys to abuse their authority and knowledge of how to maneuver the legal system to their benefit and interests, and convenience, and this type of behavior will continue damage citizens of similar situations as myself.
    I wanted to share this with you. I always sense a warmth through Jesus when I know that it is your prayer being sent my way, as if it is a wave of His beauty and purest of love and care. I thank You Colleen
    May you have a BLessed day,
    I will let you know how all this works through .ps I see your other post that I had read with the seven dwarfs,etc, and how the title of your post calls me to read again, with yet a new perspective of understanding , I will read later tonite when back home to sit with awhile. Thank you for your great insight and care of all your readers. You are Brilliant work of God and so loved! Have a Blessed Day!
    With Love

  4. Hello Colleen
    I so love your work, your quotes resonate at a deep cord . Thank you for being you!
    I was not sure I had mentioned in last post something that I believe is God working in ways that there is movement beyond the house stuff and living space. The attorney I mentioned that I talked to today as I was writing you I mentioned he called and I thought he had not been interested but he called to say that he was still contemplating a way to help me and wanted to help me. He wants me to contact him on Tuesday, giving him the weekend to continue think through how he can help me. He offered a possible option to file the complaint and strongly suggest those in complaint that it would be to their benefit to settle and not spend all the legal costs to be taken to court, and he also said he could go to insurance co for mold and health. He said he would not take any money just something upfront to swiftly act on this to settle over phone. we did not discuss how much, is it 1500? I do not know. So we talked good length of time and what I wanted to come back and say that I was uncertain mentioned earlier was that I believe God has led me to this attorney for how God simultaneously places us before each other to help each other. Well he mentioned his mother in law had a stroke and after I hung up from talking with him about my case, I had such a strong calling that would not let up and it sat with me as a so right sense that I needed follow as this was surely God guidance ,so I followed and it was to call this attorney back and say that when I was working I had worked 13 yrs with Alzheimer and related dementia and if his mother in law has either that I can help . He first said “interesting you say this because yes she does have dementia and worsened with this last episode” and he and his wife have put all in storage and are now living with the inlaws. He said with genuine appreciation that he so much appreciated my calling him and his family may take me up on this I had told him there was no motive and it was completely separate than the business we discussed. I did not want to call at first concerned I was being too personal although God truly wanted me to act. and I did. And I believe this is going to be a door opening for me. I thought wow would it be so cool to see about a grant for some years to be able to consult with families with a loved one living at home with Alzheimers disease or dementia. Before today I had been thinking of grants for those that are like me that may fall through cracks, whether woman that are civilians with ptsd or something like this house situation where there could be a non profit hub of attorneys who will offer services for all that cannot afford not based on how much money is in an ira or other assets that are truly nest or absolute emergency , but by need. There are dr’s out there who have offered services for free to others, why not have one for attorneys that want to help and in position to help,maybe retired but still want to contribute in some way…
    So I had to share that because I so believe a door is opening! I will let you know how all works through and my possible beginning of something good of my purpose that God has been and is preparing for me, amazing that would be movement seen around and outside this house situation
    Have a Blessed evening and Take good care tonite and this weekend Colleen. It is always my pleasure to connect with you and my best to you and Jon on your new approaches to wellness and sharing that bond of doing these things together
    Much Love

    • Sand,
      This is so interesting. I’ve started noticing a pattern with how God seems to be working in your life. While He continues to allow your circumstances to be difficult, He also is putting you into people’s lives…using you as such great light in their difficulties or what have you. If you remember, it was Paul the apostle who prayed at least three times we are told in scripture for his “thorn in the flesh” to be removed. Scholars offer various opinions on what his “thorn” was which I find to be a distraction from the core point. That being, God did not remove his pain; in fact, Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians that God allowed a ‘messenger from satan’ to torment him. Yes, our good and gracious God allowed this for a greater purpose…as Paul writes… “So to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly in my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest on me. (2 Corinthians 12:7-9). So often if God doesn’t remove our challenges we can think He doesn’t care or is indifferent when really, He has a greater purpose that we must trust in by faith. For Paul, he was kept humble and also taught to depend fully on Jesus Christ for all things so other’s would see Christ’s strength through Paul’s weakness. I think the same may be true for you. With SO much pain-family, disappointments w/attorneys, the house, allergies, such huge and deep struggles and sorrows-God puts you in people’s lives and uses you. I know it’s hard to press on sometimes but that’s when we throw our hands to the heavens and plead for our Lord to be our strength. I know you are doing that and I so applaud your continued faith in our Father’s work. You are doing incredible. Let me know more about what happens when you have time.
      Bless you my friend! Colleen

      • Hello Colleen. Thank you so much for your incredible depth and ease of understanding and insight of how God is working and has been working through me some purpose . I am amazed that if this is his purpose that he is truly the most incredible God as we know. I must say I came to tears and sometimes I believe it is this friendship of understanding the depths of our soul to be able allow God work through you to bring those weepy tears outward for we hold ourselves up and together to sort of plow through what we may be facing in difficult challenging times. So I am grateful for your insight and care and concern unconditionally and with full acceptance and truth all of his goodness that you radiate outward I saw movie mother Therese. I realize and in movie it points out that she was deeply sad, broken because she was separated from her family , I believe they were denied ability to come to her and she focused on faith in God and pursued as she did to follow Gods work through her. Pretty incredible thoughts Paul was so defined in character and faith strengthened by Gods love to endure and achieve what purpose he continued faithfully by God
        I actually wrote three notes yesterday and I am uncertain they came through because disquis instead of saying sent said on hold but lingering in minutes I just closed out computer so I unsure you have received. One this morning I posted had so much to do with another attorney I met yesterday and I wrote in regard to your new post that has so much to do with keeping our trust in God having a purpose in the way Jon has lived and the challenges you and I even face all bring us to connect as God would want at that depth of his unconditional care and love , an enrichment that of Jesus experience from birth in stable to weeping at foot of his cross and Luke 23:46 “farther into your hands I commit my spirit” and how you describe Paul here how he so endured but never let go of his faith. This is so powerful your blog posting and your insight here that bring us to just where God would like to see us , connected and strengthened by his love and radiating his love outward to each other
        I am going to see if you received these other notes I sent. If not I will rewrite them. I pray for now an attorney I met with yesterday that tops all attorneys I met with. He is working through decision and seemingly the best thoughts in regards to “how” to help me without the higher costs upfront. He is willing do contingency and not focused outright on the money but that if contingency I do have enough for my repairs after deducting a commission. So I am thankful and grateful for this opportunity and praying “Charlie” is who now places before me to take case for me. He was brilliant and soft yet straightforward and respectful and with an ease of understanding where I have been walking. This other attorney from last week I am supposed to contact later today for his decision. I so hope two will have interest and offer solutions I can process and again I praying God will to be Charlie because his option so far is basic and greatest of ease and least cost because he thinking go through the lesser court magistrate filing for me. I will let you know as soon as I know more. Charlie even sending his own contracter to help him understand what here and that no attorney had helped with as you are aware of how I went through struggle finding those follow through for me. With no attorney to provide recommendations. So I am grateful for his approach most of all. Integrity and more conscientious of what is needed help
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a really pleasant rest of morning
        With love Sand