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colleen-blog-bio-photoI’m Colleen Swindoll Thompson—a recovering idealist; a witty, creative investigator of faith; a compassionate caregiver; a writer and speaker; and a survivor of a shipwrecked life.

My passion is to help fellow survivors and life-strugglers steer through difficult circumstances and develop steadfast hope, so that they can navigate life with significance, meaning, and purpose in God.

I serve at Insight for Living Ministries as the director of our Reframing Ministries Department. “Reframing” is essentially the transforming process of learning to love and be loved by God, and then listening, accepting, and following God in our daily lives. It’s choosing to look at life’s challenges as opportunities for change and growth, believing God has a plan and purpose greater than we can imagine. Reframing means life never leaves us stuck but gives us the choice to live differently—a process that can be painful yet also full of purpose.

Every person will encounter unexpected events. My desire is to help others navigate through the changes required to move forward with great anticipation and lasting hope . . . and to find nuggets of humor along the way. Much of what I have learned comes from raising a son with disabilities and unexpected physical and emotional pain. I love to write a weekly blog post, to speak, teach, read, interview other life “thrivers,” and laugh out loud every day.

My husband and I have five children, two married and three single, and two funny dogs. We love life together and currently reside in the North Dallas area.

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My Bio

In 1993, I received a degree in Communication with a double minor in Education and Psychology. I began to pursue graduate work at Dallas Theological Seminary in 1999. That goal was set aside when my third child was diagnosed with complicated, lifelong disabilities. The change in direction offered me the opportunity to be an “at home” student and to learn from a diverse number of educators. I continue to read heavily on such topics as neurobiology, medication management, linguistics (sign language and lipreading due to my younger son’s language challenges), life-skill development, coping strategies, therapeutic approaches for a sound body and mind, emotional regulation, marriage and family connection, chaos and crisis management, and the dynamics of soul transformation through Jesus Christ my Lord.

By God’s grace, I am married to my best friend, Toban, who is loving, accepting, and oh so forgiving. Together we have five children, all of whom have or have had disabling challenges. Blending families meant blending pets as well. We have three dogs and one caged dinosaur (I’m told it’s really a gecko), and we’ve had our share of birds, rabbits, ferrets, and hamsters. We are a fun-loving bunch of rascals currently residing in the North Dallas area.